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2FA Authenticator   2FAS Authenticator is a simple and free application for Two Factor Authentication (2FA Authentication) which generates Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP) and PUSH authentication*.

It helps keep your online accounts secure on supporting TOTP websites.

For your convenience, you can either use QR Code or enter your secret key manually.

*PUSH authentication is compatible only with services integrated through 2FAS.com provider.

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2FA Authenticator user reviews :

Update: Updated to 5 star! Thank you so much for listening and adding collapsible groups support! You are awesome!!! — Very good app, giving 4 stars only because of absence of one feature: grouping and collapsing/expanding. When u have multiple 2FA accounts which cross your work accounts, various game stores accounts (origin, ubisoft etc) the list become too big and unmanageable. Please allow customisable folders/groups

I don’t see backup files anywhere on my Google Drive after the app said it already backed up the files. I’ll update my review when this problem is fixed. Update: The developer quickly answered my question, add 1 more star. Request to have icons for websites only so user can quickly choose the one to use, and copy button next to the number if possible.
  • 2FAS
  • Hi Khoa! For security reasons, backup files are stored in a hidden folder on Google Drive, accessable only by the app :) So it’s not a bug, it’s a feature ;-) You can copy token by long-pressing it. If you can’t find the icon you need you can always use labels instead. And color badges! :) Have a great day!
This is the best authenticator I ever use. This UI is simple and clean I like that. I would like to suggest this need to 1. web version and windows version. 2. We need use custom branding icons. And more… Thanks for developers to giving us to 2FAS…
  • 2FAS
  • Thank you for your review and suggestions! 1. We’re currently working on it! 2. What icons do you need?

I have tried so called famous companies authenticator apps, but this is the best and ultimate app with the feature of backup option which ensures your codes syncs in hidden folder and can only be accessed by the app. Next time after resetting/changing the phone never bother about the codes, just install and login the app for your codes.

it is really great but i would like, rather love to have the following features as well in the app-: 1. sync feature between more than one android devices. 2. to have a web version or windows version of the app, so that in case we dont have mobiles, we can login to our accounts… otherwise i became fan of you guys, especially of the simplicity of the app…
  • 2FAS
  • Hi! We’re happy you enjoy our app! And you have some great suggestions there! We’ll consider them for future upgrades

Best authentication app I ever used. Good design and easy to use. Has backups on your phone or Google Drive. I hope it keeps working flawlessly in future. Great work developers!

Would Love This Feature….. Like most people, I have many devices. Both IOS and android. Would love it if u could make an account that would sync across all devices. Obviously, this would have a financial impact on u (servers, security, etc), I would be willing to pay a reasonable yearly fee for this….
  • 2FAS
  • Hi! Than you for your review :) For now you can easily sync your devices across platforms with export/import file option
Excellent app, love the interface! I don’t know where to post feature request, so I’m going to write a review to post it here. It would be great to have this app supports SHA512 hash algorithm, as currently I want to move all of my OTP to 2FA and one of them uses SHA512 of which it seems like 2FA doesn’t work as it generates a wrong password. Thanks heaps!!
  • 2FAS
  • Hi Oscar! Thanks so much for your review! We’ll definitely take a look into this!

Excellent 2FA App, works like a charm and the offline backup and recovery works great. I was looking that feature but the origina 2FAs of my accounts did not have it. Totally recommended.

I’ve been using another authenticator for a while and recently switched to this and it’s amazing!! The design is so clean and satisfying. The new widget was a must have for me and is perfect. The only problem is some icons are missing. Thank you devs!
  • 2FAS
  • That’s awesome! Thank you :) please let us what icons you’d like to add?

The best app in the world. Love you 2FA team. Suddenly my phone turned off and was unavailable to start this thing again. After flash the app did exactly it said in the description. I got back my otp codes. Thanks 2fa team.

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