3 Minute Mahjong – Challenge your mind

[Game] 3 Minute Mahjong

3 Minute Mahjong  Are you ready for 3 minutes of high intensity exercise for your brain?

3 Minute Mahjong has 80 exhilarating puzzles to challenge your mind. Each of them needs to be completed in 3 minutes or less. They all use random tile orders within each layout so you can replay them again and again. You also get 3 great themes to choose from: Classic Mahjong, Barnyard Mahjong or Sweet Candy Mahjong.

We have completely reimagined our award winning mahjong games (with over 15 million downloads) to create a new and unique portrait mode mahjong game designed specifically for mobile devices. Whether waiting at the doctor, riding the bus or subway, or just killing some time on the couch, it’s time for you to discover the benefits of short bursts of intense mental exercise. Do something great for your mind and get started with 3 Minute Mahjong today!

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3 Minute Mahjong user reviews :

I love this game, the only thing that is annoying is that you go through all your coins,magic powder and dynamite etc, before you work out the game and what you should be using the items for before you waste them all grrrr now I have to wait until they built up again ( who knows how long that will take) but the game is heaps of fun to play.

I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and have actually spent less money on this one. But when I get stuck, I buy a little bit just to get through. I like the graphics and levels, and could care less if I find she her parents. What I don’t like is the treasure boxes. It takes way too long to finally get enough seconds to complete the level.

The magic value of the energy pool of the adventure game is too small, only 200 points, every one or two hours will be missed, and the elimination of a large stone or a big tree is gone or not enough, and then have to wait for recovery

I’ve just downloaded 3 Minute Mahjong from Google Play (We always love game and game:). I just love it, it works perfectly, it’s graphically beautiful and has lots of different layouts! So amazing game!!!

This great 3 Minute Mahjong tile matching game is great to kill time, with it’s dozens of different layouts and the possibility to create your own layouts! Vote 5 stars!

Ah well done! Only today the expedition is over, and today is a new one!! Expeditions are much more interesting than mahjong itself. Do it! More and more

I love 3 Minute Mahjong but you make the level increase to hard and expensive . You have to do too many levels to receive new tiles. Love, love game

The game captures, everything is fine, but the last chapter of the expedition does not pass, it is impossible to find a turtle. This is not a glitch game?

Great game. This is just the kind of game I like. Easy to use, pretty graphics, good to keep your mind fit. Love

Love all of the expedition levels!!!!! Great game and I love the cat that goes on the expeditions! Soooo cute!

Cute game of you like Mahjong. I don’t like the timer, but otherwise a good game.

Very Happy With Fun Plus JOYFULNESS With JOYFUL Challenged Always Done With Proud.

It a pretty cool and chill game.

Really like it

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