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3C Battery Manager  The most complete tool to monitor your battery: Shows historical data (%, mA, mW, mV and temperature), calculates estimated run-times and battery aging, helps calibrate battery, and improves your battery run-time.

Display historical data using customized graphics, fully scrolling and zooming.
Show battery information in status bar/notification
Display battery data on your home screen using widgets
Trigger alarm based on battery information
Calculate remaining time while unplugged or charging (AC/USB/Wireless)
Calculate actual battery capacity
Support multiple removable batteries
Online help accessible from app
Lowest battery consumption on the market

Special support for Asus Transformer, Padfone, Inno D6000 and HP dual battery devices.
Special edge support for Samsung devices
Special root only: Limit battery charging on supported devices (highly experimental, disable+reboot in case of charging issue)

In-app purchase can be made to remove ads and unlock the following features:

Show historical data on your home screen using graphical widgets of various sizes (from 2×1 up-to 5×2)
Add history markers automatically on boot, plug/ROM/kernel/battery changes
Add unlimited number of information in status bar/notifications
Update battery capacity or reference based on measured data
Show unlimited number of line indicators on top of everything
Keep information of unlimited number of batteries
Show more battery data using wide (2×1) widgets
Add unlimited number of alarms

3C Battery Manager user reviews :

Great app, only 2 real complaints are the min/max graphic legend on the widget is super tiny and almost impossible to read, and the app no longer has a battery health indicator on the status screen. Even after changing the text size in the app and on my phone the min/max graphic legend doesn’t change size. The absolute value legend tex changes size beautifully when I change the text size setting, but the min/max values stay their impossible to read size.

After owning the paid version for so long, this is worth more than I paid for. The Dev has been relentless in issuing updates. Thank you. I may not understand every thing that I see in this app but the feature that I like the most is the customizable line indicator. This is the one I can’t do without.

I like it, so far, but i would like to see it’s full potentially without having to pay for it though. But for some reason, i think that’s highly unlikely.

On the latest version, the history tab show 0.00%/h regardless voltage (mV) and battery % are dropping.
  • 3c
  • Thanks for your support. If you need assistance please send a support request from app settings help and support and attach a screenshot.

Works great. Very responsive developer.

I don’t need any of the pro features, but anyway I bought it just because it helped me to prove that the new battery I got from a repair service was faulty! The history showed that wrong temperatures were recorded starting from the time I got the new battery. As a result, I easily got a replacement today from the shop.

No partial clearing of history. latest version no good . i have to revert to the older version every time auto updated. by the way play store ever so often changes my setting of no auto update very annoying

Love this app use it on all my phone

I really like the app but noticed the pro version I purchased is no longer. Looks like you have to start off from scratch and purchase each component which I’m not happy with. Again it is a really good app but I feel since I already purchased the pro version a long time ago, now I have to buy each feature individually. Not happy with that.

I have never been more impressed by an app much less a system tool. I downloaded and skimmed the app a few days ago. Saw potential, but wanted to give it a few days to accumulate data. I just clicked evey button and am floored. I was sold before i saw the change log. But a $5-10 system tool that doesn’t have holes to fill by another app, and will probably maintain (or improve) usefulness indefinitely has more value than my experience can estimate. I have never paid money through the app store or

Great for showing the rate of charge in mA to see if a charger and cable are really fast charging or not. Also good to check the battery temps when charging, as too much heat will cut down on the battery life. Able to take stats every 5 mins and doesn’t drain the battery

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