9 Months – Be a part of a wonderful journey

[Game] 9 Months

9 Months   Are you ready to be a part of a wonderful journey?


Well you and everyone else in the world have already been a part of this but we give you this unique opportunity to live those moments again!

Experience the most life-changing journey. The creation of life itself. From a single cell to its first words, follow every stage of your baby’s growth while keeping it healthy and happy.


9 Months is a fun and educative way to understand more about pregnancy. It is aiming at being realistic and scientifically accurate which is perfect for people who love to learn new things!


9 Months now give you the choice of raising a boy or a girl after its birth. Chose a name, test new accessories, change its diaper. You get to raise the cutest little baby ever!

Are you ready to the best parent? Let’s start this incredible adventure!

9 Months user reviews :

This is a wonderful game for pretty much all ages 12+, thanks so much. It does take a long time sitting on your phone to grow the baby, but in the end it’s sooooo worth the wait. And the second baby is always easier than the first, all you have to do on the second baby is press the grow button, you will understand when you get to it. The only problem is you can only have five babies, I have four children right now and im 4 months pregnant With a boy. You can pick the gender, I want so many. Lol

Wow, great game! It is filled with interesting facts about changes during pregnancy, babies and other great facts that can help new mothers! Everything about the game is perfect from the gameplay to the music! The only problem with the game is the ads. Gems are hard to get unless you watch a lot of ads and the most desirable things in the game cost gems. But I’m willing to look over the ads because of how amazing the game is!

I love this game it’s very educational to see how your baby when you have one is inside of you and how it’s growing to be a human and is it very like heartwarming to me because I always wanted a kid and I’m only 10 and I literally want like 100 kids so I definitely recommend all the women and the girls to download this love you bye

It’s a very interesting game but it’s way too slow. It takes forever for the button to fill and it makes it boring. It would be better if it was faster.

This game is interesting and educational. BUT, like many others have said, there are WAY too many ads. I get that you need to monetize the game in some manner to fund this, but jeez! Many boosts aren’t even worth it. I’ll tap an ad & get 15 seconds to grow my baby for free & can only tap about 5-6 times because of lag and half of my time being used up before I can do anything. I also don’t like how the first baby defaults to being white. There should be options to customize the first baby too.

I’m stuck between rating it 2 stars and 3 stars. The game isn’t very realistic. I’m almost at 7 months and still don’t know the gender. The ads are RIDICULOUS. And the baby doesn’t even look like a real baby still like 5/6 months old. When in real life they look like full babies before 3 months gestation. I was really enjoying it and reading the facts. But at this point I feel like I’m forcing myself to finish growing the baby just to see what the ending is like…

I love this game! It’s alot of fun! I try to play every day so I can start a family, however the reason I give this game 4 stars instesd of 5 is because it gets a bit boring after a while. All you really do is keep tapping and tapping. It’s fun in my opinion but can’t hold my attention for long, I get excited when the baby starts to develope new looks though, like when it goes from alien to baby.

Super fun, on my third baby. I love that you get to get DNA and change what he/she looks like; it provides a bunch of diversity that most games don’t even think to add. My only problem is the constant “fact-check.” Like ok first baby I get it but after that we should get the option to not have those. I hate them and I hate how I have to wait like five seconds to refuse watching an add. It is annoying to purposely get them wrong, I know the facts/answers, it’s getting annoying a repeatative.

I Love it everybody thinks it’s bad you have to choose the gender I love the quality it’s just really hard to level from different weeks and months I was really surprised when people said the adds (turn off the wifi) I think you should add more things to help level up weeks and months faster I give this game a 5star rating.

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