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[Game] A Bite of Town

A Bite of Town  Cook delicious foods and desserts from all over the world and rebuild your hometown in this Simulation Cooking Game!


Experience the Real-deal 3D Scenes, Characters and foods
All the characters, scenes and foods are created in 3D, making the characters more vivid and realistic, making the buildings more solid, making the foods more delicious. Restaurants, Fountains, Castles, Amusement Parks, Zoos, each area has its unique style and offers different simulation experience.

Various Building Options & Customized Town Creation
Renovate the old Sam’s Dessert House and give it a new look. Paint the walls, restore the roof, refurbish the containers, replace the signs… You can create your very own restaurants with tons of customized constructions.
Repair the dilapidated old castle of the town and restore its former majesty. Repair the walls, clean the yards, renovate the gates, build fountains and gardens… Bring the castle back to life!
Rebuild the abandoned amusement park, create a popular zoo, renovate the central business district etc.

Fascinating Story & Colorful Characters
Play the lovely heroine and the smart Henry, and meet great friends in town. Like Edward the elegant mayor, Uncle Same the sturdy chef, Leo who’s handsome but arrogant, and Karen the generous gentleman etc…
The player and her friends will work together against Donald, the cunning and black-hearted businessman in a funny story interspersed with tense rivalry. The side-stories of those friends make the whole story even more fascinating.

Enjoy various kinds of delicious food and Feel food culture in distinctive restaurants from different countries.
With a wide choice of unique restaurants, from Ice cream and Fast Food to Korea and Chinese cuisines, you will be able to practice your cooking techniques. Use hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook the best quality food. Try all the possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurants to attract more customers.

Unlock Various Cooking Skills
Here you can enjoy cuisines from all over the world! You can experience the fun of making Chinese Cuisine like Dumpling and Roast Duck, as well as other signature food of Japanese Cuisine, Italian Cuisine and more.
Upgrade your cooking equipment to satisfy different customers and make new friends. Experience all kinds of fun and achievement from cooking and running a restaurant.

All cooking is completed with just a click.
Game flow: Customers appear – Stand and Show the menu – Cooking the food – Serve the food – Customers leave with tips.
Cooking process: Tap the raw materials to start cooking – Wait till the ingredients are ready and Tap to plate – Garnish the dishes or mix drinks to complete various food combinations.

Serve food with the right side dishes
Earn golds and diamonds from cooking service
Upgrade kitchenware and food for best cuisines
Complete multiple cooking goals to pass levels
Open new restaurants and learn new cooking skills
Do Daily Quests to get rarity boosters and rewards
Create MORE combos and win bonuses
Keep an eye on the oven, don’t burn food
Arrange your cooking reasonably, don’t discard food
Use time management skills
Serve in smart dish sequence

A Bite of Town, a bite of cooking fun.
Look forward to meeting you in town!

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A Bite of Town user reviews :

This is a cute game, but could be better. The rewards of gems and candy are ridiculously low. It’s supposed to be a casual game, but cannot get past lvl 76 (hard) I can get 18 of the 19 required customers. Been trying for 2 Days! The level goes to fast for seniors.
  • Dear, you can use props to help you to achieve the requirements. That will help a lot!
Fun game, beautiful graphics. Lags because of the graphics even on low. I am not uninstalling unless it gets worse or gets more difficult. Large apps tend to do this though, so hanging in there because it’s a fun game. Play it more than I should.
  • Sorry for the lags. We will try to fix it asap. We have an official page and also have a official group for players worldwide on Facebook: A BITE OF TOWN. Here is the link: www.facebook.com/A-Bite-of-Town-111420924543696. You can get effective feedback and our latest news there. Thanks!
I like this game . The graphics are amazing. I also enjoy the storytelling in the game. I didn’t like the ads, the ads kept freezing up. Really great game to that’s mind relaxing. And it doesn’t suck ur funds up too much like the other games that I have played, you get a lot of chances to keep playing for free…and I love the word “FREE” But who doesn’t.
  • Thank you! Glad you liked it! If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have an official page and also have a group on Facebook: A BITE OF TOWN. You can get effective feedback here. Look forward to seeing u!

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