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[App] Actie – Goal Tracker & Daily Planner by Priority

Actie  Actie is a goal tracker and daily planner that prioritize your tasks and habits in order of their importance each day.

You can use Actie as your goal tracker, day planner, organizer, habit tracker, done app, organizer planner and even agenda planner. Actie will plan your day easily to helps you stay focused to get things done (GTD).

You can track both routine and deadline-based activities. For routine, Actie considers your daily performance to recommend proper amount of time to get your goals, tasks and habits done. For tasks with a specific deadline and due date, it recommends you enough time to reach the due date. That’s what a goal tracker and daily planner have to do to boost motivation and productivity to GTD.

Why everybody needs Actie?
Actie came along with a new fabulous idea. It’s the day planner app to help you get rid of the complexity of making daily plans. Every day on your first visit, you get that day plan sorted by the importance of the tasks. It’s recommended to start with the most important one to get the best result from any daily planner.
Considering deadline and due date is the other idea that makes Actie unique and different from other goal tracker and daily planner apps. Preparing a goal tracker and goals planner in one place is the duty of Actie. This done app is an agenda planner and task reminder like no other app.

How to work with Actie?
1- Choose the type of your activity: Routine (habits and goals) or Deadline-based (tasks)
2- Specify its priority
3- Set your preferable time duration for each session
4- Define the deadline and estimate the total time you need to get it done if it has a specific due date
That’s it! Actie will do the rest and gives you daily plan sorted by the importance of tasks.
Enjoy getting your goals and habits done with your new goal tracker!

Main Features:

Daily Planner
It recommends which tasks have to be done for each day. A real day planner app that helps you to get things done (GTD) without concerning how to make your daily plan

Tasks will be sorted by their importance for ultimate productivity. That’s why Actie as a goal tracker, sorts out tasks by their importance & priority

You can define routine or deadline-based activities. Whether you want to track your habits, goals or routine or a task with a specific deadline and due date, Actie as your goalsetter is there to helps you get them done

Time Tracker
Individual time tracker for each task. One of the best ways to stay focused is to run a time tracker while you are getting tasks done

Task Reminder
when the time tracker ends or you forgot to stop the time tracker, you’ll be notified by a task reminder

If you missed the time tracker, you can add manually the time you’ve spent on the task on the “Sessions” Part. The stats will be updated immediately. That’s how you’ll be productive each day with this goal planner and goal setter app

Intuitive Stats
Variety of useful statistics to boost motivation. Stats are crucial for any productivity app to boost motivation. But you’ll find different stats compares with other productivity apps. The main idea is to helps you to understand when is the best time to get done a specific task by considering your previous performance on that task

ADHD Friendly
Actie is an ADHD friendly app which is an organizer planner at its core. By using applicable solutions for anyone who suffers from ADHD, it helps you to stay focused by using time tracker, and with giving your daily plan to take the burden of making plan off your shoulders to helps you be productive

Help us to improve
We love to get feedback to assess the performance of the app and make Actie a better goals planner and daily planner. Please leave a review of your experience and feel free to send us your fabulous suggestions to this address: amini.rezza[at]

We’re so glad to be your new goal tracker. Let’s be productive together!

Actie user reviews :

Hi! Thanks for your efforts, your app is awesome, its interface is simple and beautiful. But I think some functions may need to be improved. In the interface Sessions, sometimes I would delete one entry accidentally, I think it may need to add a global “Lock” button to prevent this situation. And, sometimes I work at night, I think you could add a setting item, allowing the length of work after midnight could be calculated into the previous day.
  • farzin tavakoli
  • Hi Aleng! Thanks for your kind words. When you accidentally swipe any time entry, you will be asked “Are you sure?” to prevent the issue but if you are saying this sections still needs to be better, we will work on it. About the working in midnights we are thinking of a new feature and we might fix it for the next update! Thanks again for your time

Quite basic, poor grammar and doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to due to this flaw: it only schedules 1 session per day of a project, no matter how many hours you need to spend on it and how close the deadline is. I’m going to persevere for now as I do like the simplicity of the user interface. It seems like it will be useful for scheduling and prioritising things that you do repeatedly but not necessarily daily. This might help with all the stuff that’s not work that I need to get done.

Oh my gosh i love this app. The 1 thing that would make this app 10x better is in creating a new goal, give an option to change “duration” to “quantity” for goals like drink 10 cups of water daily or wash 3 loads of laundry on tuesday and thursday or read 5 pages. Goals like that need a quantity setting. If this app had that option, it would replace all other goal apps.

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