Adventure Hearts – Meet a cast of colorful characters

[Game] Adventure Hearts

Adventure Hearts  Embark on a journey to the stars in the greatest quest-based Hearts game for Android!

Whether you love classic card games or action-packed entertainment, Adventure Hearts is the free card game experience you won’t want to miss!

Meet a cast of colorful characters and together uncover the secrets of a temple lost to time and space. Battle new rivals, unlock diverse game modes, and complete daily challenges as you reveal a dazzling star map to track your progress. The more games you play, the more items you win. Craft items to complete every side mission, and illuminate every mystery this adventure has to offer.

Courageous fans of the popular card game also known as Rickety Kate, Black Lady, Black Maria, Black Widow, and Dame de Pique will definitely enjoy climbing aboard the Adventure Hearts voyage.

No internet? No problem! Pack up your Android phone or tablet and play Adventure Hearts wherever your travels take you!


Quick and addictive gameplay
Unlockable game modes
Adjustable game speeds and settings
Selection of unique unlockable characters
Customizable card themes
Star maps to track progress
A variety of side missions
Daily rewards
Crafting system
Playable online or offline
Designed for phones and tablets


Hearts is one of the most popular card games in the world. It is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards and is closely related to other trick-taking games like Spades, Euchre, Whist, and Bridge.

The object of the game is to score the least amount of points. You earn points for every heart you take, and if you are unlucky enough to get the Queen of Spades, then you are stuck with an extra 13 points. Maintain the lowest score to win.


Hand: The cards held by one player
Passing: Before each round, each player will pass three cards to another player. The direction of the cards passed will change each round
Trick: One card played from each player forms the trick
First Trick: Must be led by the two of Clubs; all penalty cards cannot be played on the first trick. This includes Hearts and the Queen of Spades
Trick Winner: The player with the highest value card of the led suit collects each trick
Following Suit: Players must follow the suit of the first card played in each trick, if possible
Breaking Hearts: Hearts cannot lead a trick until a Heart has been discarded on a trick
Discarding Cards: Players can discard any card if they are unable to play a card of the led suit
Voiding a Suit: When a player no longer has any cards of a specific suit, that suit is considered voided. This allows the player to play cards of other suits when that suit is led
Penalty Cards: Hearts are worth 1 point and the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points
Shooting The Moon: When a player collects all Hearts and the Queen of Spades in a single round, they instead score zero and each opponent scores 26 points
The creation of Adventure Hearts was made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).


If you have any technical problems or feedback, you can email us at uv-support[at] Thank you!


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Adventure Hearts user reviews :

Very easy and an amazing passtime!!!… Only thing i would add is the ability to play live online… Keep up the good work!.. Thanks!

needs way more constellations. very fun. wish there were more games like this one available.

bollocks way to play a game..Wait 7 hours for each short play session..Waiting for a bus is more exhilarating

no more star levels after Phoenix not good

Well my game concluded after level 7. I completed the Phoenix and it seems it was the last puzzle. No more stars have been awarded for first place and no new puzzles.

Its ok need more info on characters and shouldn’t have to only get 1st place to get level ups on the stars. Cost too much too
  • Magmic Inc
  • I appreciate the feedback! I’ll pass this along to the design team. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by need more info on the characters? Would you like to see, like a character info screen or something along those lines? -Jordan

Great game. I have been please playing for a longtime now. If you like to play hearts, this is the best game I have found

I love playing hearts but it can get boring sometimes. Adventure Hearts, however is fun! The characters and their stories break up the monotonous of straight hearts. This game has many ways to earn free playtime. A short video will give you a free round and your opponents give you stuff too! This is a great game! Kudos! I love it!!

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