Adventurer Legends – Survive in heroic zones and dungeons

[Game] Adventurer Legends

Adventurer Legends  Adventurer Legends is one of the best free Diablo II like adventure RPG games ever!

Manage the small shop, collect kinds of weapons, earn enough resources to become stronger. Survive in heroic zones and dungeons, killing monsters and getting more and more stronger to challenge all bosses. Fight against the enemy and become the most famous solider in this survival RPG games!

The Diablo II like game Adventurer Legends has just begun! The Dark is spreading, and monsters are starting to move into everywhere in the dungeons. Help survivors by Collecting weapons and killing the enemies and challenge all bosses. Travel in random dungeons, collect more and more heroes to help, take your sword and try your sniper skills killing the monsters! You don’t need any strategy and waste lots of time in this offline idle role playing game. Take your finger off the screen, watch any move of your solider to earn every rewards!

Download Adventurer Legends, Post Diablo II Heroes Offline Games, and start killing monsters right now! Become the ultimate monster killer and fight against the final boss!

You are a lone survivor solider that must kill all enemies to become stronger. Challenge boss as soon as you can. You don’t need to spend lots of time in this idle offline RPG game!

It is an easy and funny game that you don’t need to think at most of game time. Just watch and wait, and the rewards will come soon!

Do you prefer Dagger, Sword, ChestArmor or Ghost Necklace? Choose your favorite one and upgrade them! Fight a monster army in one of the funniest free RPG role playing offline games.

Do you like RPG games online or free RPG games offline? Play Adventurer Legends wherever you want. Enjoy this wonderful Diablo II Heroes Offline RPG game.

Use your skills and challenge the enemy boss! Fight against the powerful enemies. Collect weapons to get stronger. The most powerful monster Boss is waiting for you! Get ready to fight against the forces of evil! Playing idle RPG game have never been so funny!

If you like Role Playing Game (RPG games), idle offline games, adventure games and free lite games, you will enjoy Adventurer Legends! Join the adventure army and start fighting every enemy in the ultimate offline RPG game.

Adventurer Legends user reviews :

Edit: Going to give this one more go. Hopefully this time I won’t run into the same problem as before, where I wasn’t able to play it offline like it states in the game’s description. Playable online or offline hopefully the offline capability will work this time. I’ll rate it again once I’ve got into the game to play.

Ok so this game has potential, its not a diablo2-esque game but its a downsized hack&slash partially combined with a kind of shop/crafting management. Only wish for more explanation of certain things. I see alot of people complaining about loadingscreens and pay2win elements, i didnt have any problems with loading screen at all, and the pay2win is just idiotic to even write as this is a singleplayer game, there are IAPs but good luck finding games that doesnt have that lol.

Thought it was cool at first but with the language barrier and no guides on how to craft higher level weapons and even scrolls it quickly became a waste of time. The last update was in May 2020? I mean come on. Would give a higher rating if the game’s issues was fixed but I’m not going to hold my breath

This game is awesome.. The game is good for players who know the drifts in D&D games.. I have played it for 4 days and i love it.. I hope the main hero could use some skills.. And add some potion store.. And i wish there are skill buttons and you can tap on monsters you want to attack.. Besides this, the game is great..

Not really diabloesque but was fun for what it was. Got stuck after i got to area 3. Finished first 2 whole areas in an hour then grinded almost a week and still couldnt best the first boss of the third area, sandhi something. Enjoyed it but i got other things to do.

This is the type of rpg im looking for, im almost done crafting the holocaust set . It’s my 3rd day of playing this but i already got addicted and its so fun . The only problem is there is no guide to where to loot or farm the materials or equips to craft sword of holocaust. You should make a page where we can see where to farm or hunt the materials needed .

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