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[Game] AFK Summoner by ToJoy – Real 3d IDLE Adventure (Early Access)

AFK Summoner  Top fun, shocking enjoyment! AFK Games & Idle RPG with 3D heroes evolving.

Enjoy the ultimate Idle gaming experience, Focus on Strategy!

Come and Enjoy Now!


No matter when and where, online and offline,  your heroes can always fight for you!
Bring on your team, they will fight for you automatically!
Just enjoy the success from the fight!

Summon Heroes
More than 100 AFK heroes with unique skills!
More than 5 factions!
More than 150 weapons and accessories, upgrades and equipments to choose from!
Equip the appropriate heroes with the best weapons and set up a powerful combination of hero skills.

Plenty Reward Achievement System
You’ll find loads of resources everywhere. Memorize your progress with rewards and achievements. Complete the legend journey by collecting resources and accumulating rewards from each achievement.

Sociability and Competition
Play with other summoners around the world!Alliances of various nationalities, unimpeded communication allows you to find Friends or Enemies.
Challenge the powerful guild bosses!
Challenge the other powerful guilds!
Stand out in the wonderful world by leaving your name in the ranking board.


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AFK Summoner user reviews :

Very addictive game and it’ has many missions to complete.I sugest that this game should add light and dark hero for creative fighting team.

Only played a total of 1 hour but so far it’s so good, not hit any p2w walls yet and you get a decent amount of resources to level up heroes. Graphics are nice and there are a couple of bugs but its expected from new games.

Needs a bit of improvement including a little more training for first timers graphics are ok and it doesn’t kill the battery overall i like it but still trying to figure out how to play the game as its a little confusing the way its setup

its actually good you dont get bored easily. the resources and item you get from afk are good but the battle part are lagging or delay so for thats the 1 problem i find. i change my rate when its fixed!
  • Hello survivor, I am sorry that you encountered a problem while playing the game. Please contact our support team and provide more details so that we can try our best to help you. Email: afksummoners[at]

Wow this is a awesome game lots to do! Lots of hero to get and upgrade! Hard to put down as you find something new and say ill just have a go and then get on .lol

At last a game that is not biased towards people who spend money…well done … great game love every minute.

Enjoy the game but its hard to login always wait for a minutes to get in game
  • Hello, I am sorry for the inconvenience, please try switching the network to enter the game. If you need any help or have any suggestions, please contact us via email: tojoyservice[at], we can do better.

game now is fix but they freeze my account where is my gift you said GM, ill wait for that thanks for action to my complain.

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