Age of Colonization – Ready to battle with the Roman Empire

[Game] Age of Colonization – Economic strategy

Age of ColonizationAge of Colonization is an exciting geopolitical strategy people play in the whole world. The game doesn’t require Internet connection.

Become a ruler of one of the largest countries in Europe. Are you ready to battle with the Roman Empire, powerful France and England, aggressive barbarians? There are more than 40 medieval countries in the game.

Main features:

Build an army and a fleet;
Take on espionage missions and diversions;
Attack other countries to annex them or to take their resources;
Defend your territory from other countries;
Enter into peace agreements;
Produce food, resources and military equipment;
Sell the excess products to other countries, buy products you need;
List of historically accurate events;
Ordain laws;
Organize international meetings, promote your suggestions for voting;
Choose an official religion of your country;
Increase the amount of produced goods thanks to researches;
Appoint the commander of the fleet, land army, the commander in chief, chief for collecting tribute, building and trade;
Fight separatism on conquered territories.

We are constantly working on improving the gameplay and interesting updates are coming soon.

Age of Colonization user reviews :

needs more country’s if you have taking over another country you should be able to send an attack from it because to send troops across half the world when I own a country right next to the one I’m attacking is stupid there the main things I think needs sorted but it would be good it the makers of the game added a few things like seeing the battles and controlling the strategy of the battle like positioning of troops.

needs better structure. more i play it will be fun but late game satisfaction only

this game is excellent perfect mix of strategy and detail reminds me of Total war very immersive.

cool game; strategy, economy, war, and non-stop ads, have fun! played for a day, works great on my Motorola, samsung, huawai, all quad core or higher. the only possible bugs i could find were random events that negatively affect civilian population regardless of the governments approval rate (50 or higher). maybe im wrong, but i will keep playing, if only to see how long you have to keep building wood and rock quarries before you can actually begin enjoying other supply chains.

Love the game. But like Total War, it useless to have an allied that will not help you when you was under attack. Love how it work like Sid Meire Civ, but I hope it can have more but overall, I love it so far. Watch ads to improve income…well, acceptable.

simply great, you’re limited in country choice unless you are pay money but the game is very enjoyable.

this game is very nice i like it but i suggest please add family tree or council elections or should we say advisor and if you want you can change your government style… this game have a very big potential

interesting game so far, it’s keeping my interest well enough. My only major complaint is the fact that the tutorial really only covered the absolute basics, then threw me into the game. thankfully I’ve played a lot of games similar enough that I was able to learn the menus and mechanics pretty quickly. Definitely explore all the menus and read everything thoroughly. there’s a lot of miniscule details that can have dire consequences.
  • Oxiwyle
  • Thanks for the Feedback. We updated Age of Colonization. Try to update it

it is a very good game indeed, however very unintuative. I managed to figure out what I assume is everything, except there is one huge issue, the ‘rulers rating’ is unclear. what are we being assessed on? consumption? gold income? happiness? my rulers rating was steadily decreasing from 52 all the way to 8, then it suddenly recovered. I’m not sure what I did differently. this system has a huge impact on loosing the game and yet it is unclear. Great game though, keep up the good work

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