Agent Action – Race through exotic locations

[Game] Agent Action – Spy Shooter

Agent Action

  Who’s that suave handsome stranger in the suit?

Action’s his middle name. Actually, it’s his only name, and he’s the all-action star of this all-action shooter. Landing right in the heat of the action on his heli-umbrella, Agent Action’s a sharply dressed sharp-shooting spy with a license to do some absolute carnage and an awesome range of ballistic weapons.

Race through exotic locations, chase down the bad guys on land and water, and bring down colorful supervillains in epic boss battles, all with dash of old Hollywood style.

A fast-paced shooter with smooth retro stylings!

Ready, aim, fire! Agent Action offers bite-size chunks of adrenaline in multiple action-packed levels of shooting mayhem. Dive straight into the action, pick a target and let rip against an endless stream of bad guys.

Hold to shoot! Neat game mechanics make Agent Action easy to play but endlessly entertaining, with enough tactical challenges in weapon selection, targeting and fire-rate to keep more experienced players engaged. Between levels, you’ll have the choice between health boosters, armor or more awesome firepower, and your choice could be the difference between victory and death.

Classic spy-caper style! The game’s slick graphics and funky soundtrack recall a host of classic spy movies, as you blast your way across deserts and the decks of cargo ships, along railway platforms, through train carriages, and into the high-tech lairs of supervillains, all while retaining the ineffable cool of an international man of mystery.

Follow that boat! Car chases, boat chases, and a series of heavily-armed bosses keep Agent Action on his toes and ensure plenty of variation in the game.

Nice arsenal! Complete levels to gain dozens of perks in the form of shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, RPGs and all the other deadly initials, as well as a host of pyrotechnical explosives that open up a variety of new gameplay options. You can also customize them to your own personal playing style.

Make friends on your travels! Every action hero needs sidekicks, and Agent Action has an address book full of useful contacts. Get cash for completing levels and use it to unlock these colorful playable characters, all paying tribute to classic Hollywood heroes and heroines.

A world of action at your fingertips!

Easy to play but as gripping as any classic spy movie, Agent Action’s a game that brings big-screen thrills right to your phone.

Indulge your inner international man of mystery, download Agent Action now and start saving the world one dead villain at a time.

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Agent Action user reviews :

A very fun, simple game that’s great fun as long as you don’t take it seriously! The weapons and upgrades are cool and easy to get. The 4 stars is because I wish the 10 buck ad removal pack removed ALL ads. I just don’t take the bonus stuff cuz I hate ads, especially in a game that I paid to have them removed from. I’d love to see this same gameplay formula applied to a dungeon crawler type setting with mages and archers, etc. That would be amazing! Especially if you could pay to remove ALL ADS!

No longs works… waited for an update for a couple months now… once the update arrived it stopped working altogether… when I try to start the game it just keeps closing. Now I can’t play it at all. Fix soon or I’ll delete it altogether.

When I first downloaded the game, it was too fast to install but when I did second time it took 33 minutes to install and the ads are too much.. but the game is good……………. You can download the game it is a wonderful game but the ads are too much..

It’s a fun little game. It does have a issue with when you get ammo from a box it automatically changes the gun to that ammo. Even if it less quantity. I haven’t seen it down grade scope or muzzle.

Realy enjoiyng to play nice graphics need more hard and deigin and effct much. More attrctive and cool like other by the way nice game and nice features go more with ur telent beyond the way u make….

I would give it 5 stars apart from constantly watching add after add after every mission. Please note that a mission can take 5 to 10 seconds to do . So you watch more adds than you actually play the game . Please tone down the adds its a reall put off and i have now uninstalled this game.

I would love to give 5 star but I been using over 30k(in game money ) But I still can’t get my hands on the new weapons came with the lucky box. I have already max out the weapons but the game keep giving me +amos. You should make easy to get the new weapons.

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