Agent J – Defeat your enemy

[Game] Agent J

Agent J  The player acts as a skilled bald agent who shoots at enemies by clicking and defeats all enemies to pass the level.

Each time an enemy is defeated, the player can get gold rewards.

How to play

Shoot and cover, Defeat your enemy!
Choose a strong gift!
Upgrade your equipment and strengthen your agents!
Use ultimate skills appropriately!


Easy to play, challenging to master, best for time killer.
Completely free: this game is free match games, now and forever!
Hint Feature, Save and Resume Game.
Supports all devices with different screen ratios from tablets to smartphones.
Free download, no wifi needed – Offline games.
Easy operation with only one hand.
There are rich weapons, smart enemies, and various levels in the game.
Exciting combat experience, use your full strength to defeat the enemy.
There are many powerful agents to choose from.

Agent J user reviews :

Great Game! Tons of fun and a great time killer! The levels are simplistic and do get pretty repetive and boring but the game loop keeps you locked in. It needs many, many more levels though! I finished the game and have been playing just to reach max character level. A great game worth playing!

Really like this game, but I topped out and cannot advance any further. Next level says “coming soon”.

Just started on this. It is teaching me differing skills,weapons and the like. Truly looks excellent.

A nice game but needs more improvement. 1. Add reload button 2. Hopefully the players can customize the avatar (costume, weapon) 3. Add more levels. 4. The players should be able to repeat the levels ehile waiting for the next update. Overall, its a nice, entertaining game. Would change my rating if my request is added on the future updates to come.

Great game for killing time. Needs an update with more levels asap!

Decent game..some potential..but after 24 hours i am lv30(50 is max) ive beaten every level..have all weapons unlocked..almost max on everything..and i spent $0…if devs want to make more amd make it more challenging..try making level up rewards less..50 gems per level means i dont have to spend anything to get high level stuff..just wait and level up a few times..then buy gun parts and cash

Well I love it but I’ve already finished it…level 50, all four clothing maxed out and bumblebee acquired, most weapons even the top ones to get are maxed out as well…guess there’s not much else I can do but I did love this game …also I didn’t spend a dime to get to the finish which was nice

I’m stuck on level 9 part 5. I’ve beaten it 4 times but I still can’t move on. Great game but what’s the point if you get stuck beating the same boss and can’t move to the next level???

Needs more levels and a harder play thru after you beat it. 3 stars because when you beat it all you can play is the last level

Awesome game! Don’t change anything! Just add levels!

basic game of the shooter type where the bad guys are in the same set ups over and over .you can change guns but not much else happens in this game that youve seen a million arent horrible tho.

Great not many adds and changes difficult unlike other online games

Great game, but is there a website that explains everything? Critrate, critdamage, etc? And does it ever go to level 10? Been on level 9 forever!

It’s a great leap forward for phone first person shooters.

It seems fun but the game asks for a rating 2 minutes in so I can’t really give my honest opinion yet.

Good game, lot of fun, good instructions.

This game is awesome and add bumble bee from transformers slick

Great way to kill time at waiting rooms .

Usually games don’t hook me that fast but this one did I love it

So cool and easy to move up levels.

At 1st play I was worried because it has the art style of those ad trap games and yes it does have ads but you arent forced to watch any?! Amazing! Right? And after playing for 2 days now I really enjoy this game. The controls are pretty solid and the art work is nice. I do wish the levels changed, cause no matter what area you are in all areas are exactly the same office building. Not sure why there’s even different stage names. I can’t wait to see what updates come out in the future.

Hi I have played through the entire game and I really liked it and you got great potential. I’m working as QA and I found some issues like the game missing pause button which is necessary on single. Also the economy needs some fixes because it is very easy to complete and adding new features like daily bonus and idle elements can add to the economy. Maybe consider adding multiplayer mode or more social interactions. Overall I really enjoyed your game and I’m willing to do free qa on it.

I love this games I like Riffle better. Also Agent Z is much more better than this. Because They add tons of guns there. But this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!!!! How’d you make it tell me, tell me, tell me. Whatever this game needs no bugs. And there are no ads (Not alot) but still good. Just 4/5 stars cause the bosses are super difficult I just killed 1 boss. God bless you. Byeee

Fun game. You can control the number of ads you watch depending on what power ups you choose. I had the blue screen of death after getting to level 50 but the latest update fixed it! Thank you for a great game!
  • W’Forest
  • thanks for your playing ! and i’ll open new stage in next version! hope you’ll like it

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