AGENT - SHOOTERAGENT – SHOOTER : The most intense shooting game on the market.

Hello The most intense shooting game on the market.

Hello AGENT – SHOOTER. Tap the targets to shoot your weapon (pistol, SMGs, M16, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle). Don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as you think.

You’ll shoot in different locations, with varying challenges that require you to protect the innocent, avoid being shot, and earn points to upgrade your weapons.

Prepare for finger tapping pleasure as you shoot your way through 105 challenges. When you have a friend around, challenge them to splitscreen multiplayer!

UPDATE: Look for my new game, “AGENT:GUNNER”.

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AGENT – SHOOTER user reviews:

Great game id give it five stars if it didnt crash half way through a level

Very addictive! Love the music, and the challenges it sets up for you, haven’t had any problems with it so far on my HTC vivid!

Best shootin game out here

Great game overall and great time killer, but kost important it annoys my wife so A+ for me lol.

Some of the shots don’t hit where you’re aiming, but still a fun game. I’ve had very little issues with the game otherwise. Droid Bionic

Yeah I love it! Its challenging! Forces you to think! And I really feel like I’m @ the range! I picture myself freeing hostages! The duck and cover still gives me issues because I can’t seem to notice when they’re about to fire but I still love the challenge! Great game! A lot of thought and intelligence went into the making of this game!

The game itself is awsome. Really fun to play and its addictive as hell. My only issuse is that while in game play the game will shut off my phone.Samsung Admire.please fix. If I knew it wouldnt happen on the ad free version I would buy.please fix asap

Very fun; great for when I have a few extra minutes here or there. Plenty of gameplay that takes hours to go through, with lots of replayability. Remember, a few ads keeps the game free, and you don’t have to spend real money on in-game content! :) Runs great on my Samsung Galaxy S II.


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