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[App] AI – Dial : smarter phone dialer

AI - DialAI – Dial : No more tapping numbers – let the AI figure it out!

AI – Dial app is a replacement phone dialer, that attempts to make using your phone more intuitive. At its heart (or ‘brain’, if you prefer), there is a statistical Artificial Intelligence module that learns how you use your phone, and tries to use that knowledge to show you relevant contacts to call.

A smart dialer for a smart phone user – understands how *you* stay in touch with your contacts.

AI – Dial Features summary:
~ Natural interface for single-tap calling.
~ Contacts display intelligently ordered according to ‘relevance’.
~ No need to star or favourite contacts – AI figures it out.
~ Search contacts just by speaking the name.
~ T9 style search also supported, on names and numbers.
~ Natural handling of contacts with multiple numbers.
~ Function to store new numbers elegantly.
~ Send contact numbers via SMS.
~ Send full contact details via e-mail, Bluetooth etc.
~ Support for a a whole range of regional number formats.
~ Multiple themes for an elegant look. No clutter.
~ Simple, chunky interface to cope with clumsy fingers.
~ Conservative permissions, so you know your data is secure.
~ No annoying adverts.

** Try it free for 10 days, before deciding whether to purchase a licence **

AI – Dial Details:
You don’t have to star contacts, remember the numbers, save numbers under different names etc – the app figures it all out. Moreover, it keeps learning, so it predicts better over time (adaptive learning with concept drift, since you asked).

Simple interface – 1 phone, 1 list, 1 keypad, 1 microphone. 0 annoying adverts.

But of course, you are far too smart to be totally predictable; so the dialer also includes a powerful search facility, including searching by speaking the contact’s name.

AI – Dial Highlights:
-intuitive list of relevant contacts to call

-simple, but powerful search interface. Search by phone number, or by name

-fast workflow: call or SMS needs just one tap on the contact name. By tapping, or by voice search

-other features easily accessible: long-press a contact to reveal more options:
: call alternative number,
: view call history,
: send contact details via SMS, MMS, email or Bluetooth,
: add more information to the contact,
: quickly store new callers

-Easily store a new number just by tapping it in, and long pressing the call button.

-Intelligent handling of missed call notifications, and emergency numbers (unlike other replacement dialers).

-Conservative permissions, so you know it is not going to turn evil! Can’t access the Internet, can’t modify your contacts, can’t even create files on your SD card.


Read contacts, call phones, vibrate: duh! But you should be aware that the AI model is trained on your call history. However, there is no privacy risk because that information never leaves your phone – AI – Dial app does not have the permission to access the Internet.

Read phone state: Used mainly to figure out the country your phone number is registered in, so we can format numbers according to your convention.

Network location: used to figure out if you call certain people only from a few locations (e.g. your parents from your home, the tax office from your office etc). Note that the app never connects to get the location – only uses the last known location. This saves your battery, and minimizes security issues.

Emergency calls: This permission is requested, but never really obtained on newer phones. Without this permission, the app is not allowed to call emergency numbers. But that’s OK – hopefully you won’t need to call emergency numbers. And if you do, the dialer will just pass invoke the system dialer when needed.

AI – Dial app works just fine without this, and the location permission.

Questions, comments, queries to

Please do read the text in the agreements box before you start using the AI – Dial app.

Happy dialing!

AI – Dial user reviews:

If a little scary. It’s pretty awesome how it reads my mind. Or maybe I’m just really predictable?

I find this app very useful for fast dialling. Have been using it for a few days instead of the stock dialer and i think i will keep it. Clever idea!

Download AI – Dial :


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