Airlines Manager – Become the leading CEO

[Game] Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2020

Airlines Manager  The ultimate Airline administration and management game

The tycoon reference in aeronautical and aviation games for mobile


More than 3 million managers
More than 130 aircraft and 2,600 airports available
500 items of research and 200 passenger services to unlock
Official partnership with IATA (International Air Transport Association)
Acclaimed by aviation enthusiasts and management game aficionados
7 languages currently available: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Indonesian.

Manage your airline as if you were a real Tycoon (“business magnate”) to become the leading CEO

2 game modes
1) Real time (Paris-New York in the game takes 7 hours)
2) Time accelerated x7 (Paris-New York in the game takes 1 hour)

Acquire airports
Buy or rent aircraft
Open new routes
Schedule flights
Manage your entire strategy from A to Z (Development, Banks, Finance, Maintenance, Services, R&D, Marketing, Human Resources)
Admire your empire live thanks to the huge flight map for your aircraft!
Build your empire and dominate the airline universe thanks to your fleet, airports and routes.
Set your own prices: route audits, simulation of demand
Offer a full range of services: better access to airports, attractive prices, on-board comfort
Control your finances: bank loans, precise accounting, detailed cash account
Train your staff: agency or in-house, in all airline sectors
Access the workshop to unlock new bonuses in a few clicks!
Analyze the day’s schedule: what is the most profitable airport? What are the most profitable routes?

Simplified management or complex management (optional) of your airline
Detailed scheduling of flights
Prices based on audits and simulations
Staff training in all airline sectors
Aircraft maintenance
Different strategies possible

Become the greatest magnate ever in the aviation sector️!

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Your Airlines Manager Tycoon 2019 team
Comment: a network connection is required to play.

Airlines Manager user reviews :

A very well built strategy game, simulating the aviation industry quite well. The professional version is for more patient players as time is real. It needs a certain dedication, but the return is very good specially for aviation fanatics. There is a strong online community as well for tips and tricks and of course there are different ways to build and focus your airline.

There are a thousand tycoon games out there. This is the only one I have ever seen that made any attempt at all at being realistic or factually accurate, and I believe they succeeded. It actually feels like you’re managing a real airline, even though it is simplified way down. Kudos to the developers for all the research they’ve done. The maintenance game is a nice touch too, allowing you to watch a few ads to save millions of dollars.

Great game to play, especially if you’re into creating a complex business empire and planes. Game has a lot of details (especially how passenger numbers are calculated) which can be quite confusing. My main issue is this game cannot be played long term – eventually you have so many aircraft it becomes too time consuming to maintain them all

It takes a while to earn money at the beggining but its a great game. Pretty realistic and it has alot of attention. I personally like planes so this game is perfect. It feels like you really manage an airline. I reccomend downloading this unless you arent paitent.

I will keep it at 1 star until you reply. Should allow players to move multiple aircrafts from one hub to another at once and to re-configure multiple same-type aircrafts at once. When selling a hub, should have option to sell all aircrafts in that hub.

Really enjoying the app so far (day 3 real time). Would be nice to have more info inside the app, like it took me a whole day to work out what “R&D” was! But I’m enjoying it! Definitely encourage playing the 7x game – real-time would be pretty boring!!

It’s an amazing game, but the developers created the guides words to cover the buttons. So maintenance walkthrough isn’t completed for me… And kind of important.

Very addictive, I love this game! To make it even better the following options should be added: * Purchase rival airline companies * Pick up Ad-Hoc Charter flights * Schedule One Way Flights

It is fairly easy and you don’t have to spend real money if you don’t want to… Which in turn makes me want to!!! You can level easily just playing the game.

Love the new secondhand market! The only issue is that the actions sometimes end before the timer runs out. For example, an A380 i wanted to bid on still had 90 seconds on the timer, but it abruptly ended, and today another plane’s auction ended before it’s timer was up. But other that that i think the market is great. Keep it up

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