AK41 Mp3 player – Enjoying music with great quality

[App] AK41 Mp3 player – Music player, Equalizer, Bass Booster

AK41 Mp3 player  Mp3 player – Music player is the best free music player nowadays.

Powerful set of sound equalizer including 5 sound ranges, bass effects and 3D effects. You can easily search for the lyrics of the song you are listening to

Mp3 player – Music player is a powerful, full featured in use music player.
Edit sound Equalizer and Bass-booster , you can edit the music track into your favorite tune.

Enjoying music with great quality and beautiful interface, Mp3 player can satisfy your expectations.
The MP3 player can meet all your music needs and gives you all the new music experience.


Display all the songs in your device
Support quick songs searching
The app can search and play all the audio files in your device (Mp3, M4a, Wav, Flac …)
You can scan on your device to filter the songs by length from 30s-and-more, 60s-and-more, 90-and-more or display all.
Search for the lyrics and display them on the music playback screen. Or you can manually edit the lyrics to display. The app will support you to search for lyrics online from the internet.
Show all the songs in your device which are arranged in different ways such as Albums, Artists, Songs, Folders, or Playlists
Music player with full features such as play, stop, next, previous, add to favorites.
Support play modes such as order, random, loop, loop 1 song
Arrange songs by Albums, Artists, Titles, Folders or Playlists
Equalizer with 10 available audio tunes such as Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock.
Enhance sound effects: bass and 3D effects
Set any song as device’s ringtone from music player
Set avatar from the song as your device’s wallpaper.
Timer automatically turns off the music.
Share songs on popular social networks.
Support many different languages.
Support headset controlling such as play, next, previous, pause, stop, resume.
Edit song details, now you don’t have to worry about songs without album or artist name.
Create your own playlists easily, we will help you create song playlists in just 1 simply step.

Please download Mp3 player – Music player right now to own a powerful, simple and easy-to-use audio player.
We are working hard to provide users with a great application for user experience. Please enjoy and rate us with 5 stars on CH Play app store.

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AK41 Mp3 player user reviews :

It’s a good app, good layout, good eq, the only annoying thing I don’t like is when a song is chosen & the display times out, your chosen song is forgotten & you are forced to start from the beginning of the playlist & have to find the song you were playing over again.

I’m so pleased and delighted that I who was interested needing what I needed this app turned out it was sent apparently Samsung Galaxy Notes are very advance to have its app’s….my app wasn’t has good as what I’m now using everything is order….nor matter how much songs or things…you will never be disappointed in how it arranges it self

Great music player app, only thing I would improve is the Shuffle player algorithm. It’s very repetitive on the songs it chooses to play regardless of how many songs are in the playlist. But other than that awesome app one of my favorites! And the equalizer actually works very well.

i push my edit to 5 STARs. Very good app with lots of extra items like graphic equalizer and themes, thanks. I just tried installing PLAYER X2 on my LG Stylus 6 and the player STOPS…. Goes to black screen. Worked fine on my LG Aristo 4+. i havw NEVER SEEN ANY OTHER LG PHONE GO BLACK SCREEN. WHY are you requesting a rating when the app opens…. HATE THAT!!

Exceptional for me I love even the lyrics display, if lyrics are unavailable the app itself helps you find one I love it I’d recommend this app to anyone, No “destructive” ads everything is in it’s space. Loving the experience

I recently stumble across this mp3 music player & I luv the experience I am having with it, the only problem is while u listening music,if any one send u a msg the music pause/stop & u have 2 go bk 2 the music 2 press play, other than that , I luv the mp3 music player, I will still give it a 5 star…

I have been enjoying the App for over a year now n gave it a 4 rating . Now I added new folders of music toy phone and it’s not scanning to add music! There is no reset option either. Now I have to find another app

I am enjoying this app and would have liked to pay for it. It seems the developer(s) is/are happy with advertising revenue. I would have liked the option to sort the songs in my play lists. The ads shown are for the apps I already own!

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