Ancient Battle – Lead the troops into battle

[Game] Ancient Battle

Ancient Battle  You are a king in this battle for survival.

Other nation’s kings want the same land but there can only be one true victor! Do you have what it takes to lead the troops into battle and become victorious?

In this unique io battle simulation, you must run around to collect troops. The more units you amass the stronger you become. Once you are big enough it is time to conquer the enemies! Knights and archers love a strong leader so once you defeat an opponent their troops become yours. Your size and strength have no limits. You will obtain flawless victory!

Every unit contains different attacks. Spells can turn the tides of battles. Battles will reward you with riches to upgrade your troops and spells. Collect as many as you can and you will become unstoppable.

Each battle is a unique pvp battle experience. Survive and conquer. Do whatever it takes to master the arena in this long standing Ancient Battle!

There can only be one winner. Will it be you?

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Run around to gather your army. Once you are big enough, conquer your opponents. It’s that easy.

2. Beautiful Graphics
From the troops, to the land, to the houses – this is a beautiful pvp experience. Feel yourself get transported to this mystical land with its beauty.

3. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade
Do you love to collect things, or love feeling the satisfaction of watching your power grow? The card collecting gives Ancient Battle a unique take on the io battle system. There is no limit to how strong you can become.

4. Leaderboards
See how you are doing against players across the world? Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

5. New content
Battlepasses and new content will keep things fresh. Never go bored once you start playing.

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc, and Love Balls!

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Ancient Battle user reviews :

Really enjoy the game…but the ads. This game was only built for money. More ad time than game time by at least double, and constant things to buy. It’s a shame, the game has a lot of potential. It just isn’t nearly enjoyable enough with the constant ads. One round is about 2-4 ads.

The game is fun but you need to watch ads to open chests which is usually fine cause it’s only 30 seconds. The major problem is it keeps giving ads that don’t ever load making it impossible to open chests and then you lose the free chests. It’s extremely frustrating when you work to get the rare chests from getting 4 wins then you can’t open it because of the stupid ads and the you lose it. If this isn’t fixed soon I’ll lose interest in playing.

intriguing because it’s an improvement of a concept from another game… but some buttons don’t work… so the game needs more work… so… the game is not for me at this time.

Great game, reminds me of .io games, though ads are a little misleading, and they really don’t have to be to get the same feel. One thing I do wish you could do is click on a unit type to see more details, also, it seems that elite units have a tendency of spawning in or really close to the gas.

Better than I expected. The reason for dropping the rating is because I wish there was a bit more to do, perhaps some adventure map or something to help you get more money. Maybe add a new type of stamina for it so you can’t advance too quickly. Really good stuff though, hope the devs are going to update and add more features.

Fun but annoying. This game will ask you for money more then that homeless person on the corner. The game limits how many times you can play by putting your energy on a timer. Don’t get me started on the adds, guess what you have to do when your power is out? Yea lol, have fun siting there sifting through adds of games that play nothing like the adds show after, just four rounds.

Actually this game is amazing!! The game play is very satisfying! I admit, the dev took every opportunity they could to shove ads in yer face, but they are all optional, so kudos! =^w^= I must say, I am most disappointed by the fact that the game play is not really multiplayer…. Though, I am sure it would be vastly unbalanced the way characters level up, if it were, so I am oddly glad. All in all, fun game with tons of potential, I look forward to seeing where the devs take it.

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