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Android Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro Widgets : Advanced widgets package with many themes and features

A set of powerful and extremely useful home screen widgets!

✓ Designed for both smart phones and tablets

✓ Widgets for Agenda & Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader (separately).

✓ Scrollable widgets (please read notes 2-3)

✓ For any issue please email us to

Android Pro Widgets Reviews:
“Do you want a set of customizable, skinnable and accessible widgets to your needs on the homescreen? Then look no further…” – Android UK News

“If you love periodically changing the look of your phone and the interface options, Android Pro Widgets is the number one program on the android market” – hxxp://

“APW is one of the most comprehensive and complete widget suites available” – Android Community

“The graphics are so polished that it feels as if Android Pro Widgets was included with the device” – HTC Source

“It’s my belief that the widgets included in Android Pro Widgets should have already been built into Android” – AndroidStatic

“Now This is What an Ice Cream Sandwich Widget Should Look Like” – AndroidSpin (refers to Modern ICS themes)

■ Available widgets:
☆ Agenda & Calendar
☆ People
☆ Bookmarks
☆ Messaging
☆ Facebook
☆ Twitter
☆ Timeline (Facebook + Twitter) [License required] ☆ APW Google Reader is available separately.

■ More tools:
☆ Quick Event – Quick Calendar event insertion tool w/ native language processing and speech recognition capabilities!
☆ Say What – little 4×1 widget to update Facebook/Twitter quickly from the home screen.

■ Please
☆ Need help? Email us to
☆ Read the notes before you comment.
☆ Use hxxp:// for any feature request.
☆ Read known issues and suggested fixes at hxxp://

■ Buy the license key to support the development and unlock all features including access to many themes.
Link: hxxp://

■ Theme Makers:
Follow the Create Themes page on our blog hxxp://

■ Notes:
[1] This is a widgets package. The main app is mainly intended for explaining how to actually add widgets to your home screen.
[2] A scroll button is used on Android 2.x with launchers that don’t support scrollable widgets. If your launcher does not support scrolling either use the scroll button or replace your launcher!
Honeycomb, ICS, ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher Ex and many other launchers support scrollable widgets.
[3] Currently the calendar widget is not scrollable in its grid mode and I don’t promise it ever will be because currently launchers don’t support any extension to allow page flipping. Agenda view is fully scrollable though.
[4] In Quick Event entering the edit window will ignore the reminder setting and the selected calendar, and use the default calendar application settings instead.
[5] Bookmarks widget supports the following browsers: Stock, MIUI, Miren, Skyfire. Please understand that most browsers simply can’t be supported.
[6] Facebook/Twitter pictures are cached to SD card. Clear cache in preferences if the pictures are outdated.
[7] Reasons for every permission are available here hxxp://

Android Pro Widgets user reviews:

This is a great little set of widgets. I’d been looking for a decent messaging widget with an ICS/Holo look, and the themes you provided are exactly what I needed–the app itself looks great too. The latest update seems to have improved the smoothness of widget scrolling (unless it’s just a placebo effect), which is great, as that was the only thing that bugged me.

I went from a thunderbolt to a Galaxy Nexus, and I’ve been wanting the people and friend stream widgets and these work great!

AMAZING! Seriously, best possible standalone widgets available on the Play Store! Perfect with any Launcher! Great themes and customizable options!!!!! Did I mention I love this app!?!?!?! And developer is very responsive, which is awesome!

Good functionality and nice-looking skins with license key. Can’t see 5×5 on widget selection, using TouchWiz. Back to 5 stars when it’s fixed.

There is finally a “feeds and updates” widget available in the android market with scrolling and all. I can finally stop using touchwiz and try other Launchers. The “timeline” widget is a perfect replacement for the widget I’ve grown so attached to. I’ve looked for this many times over the last 2 years and glad it finally exists.


Download Android Pro Widgets :


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