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Android SkyDrive Explorer

A cleaner, simpler Microsoft SkyDrive experience!

Android SkyDrive Explorer is a free and ad-free client for the Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage service.

ASE makes SkyDrive feel like a natural extension of your phone! View your images and photos or listen to music straight from the cloud, and save any file to your phone with a single click!

Uploading files is as easy as hitting the Share-button for images, or opening the app and hitting the upload button for anything else. Have several files you want to upload? No problem! ASE supports batch uploading and downloading.

It’s a breeze to find the perfect spot for your file, or even create a new folder if the right one isn’t there yet. Not satisfied with where you put it? Move or copy it to anywhere in your SkyDrive. You can rename and delete files and folders to!

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For development progress see the project on Github: hxxps://

Android SkyDrive Explorer user reviews:

Why do you need to know my contacts and other such information when all I want to do is to access my files? Can’t really rate the app as I declined to grant this access.

Like having a flash drive in the cloud! No problems encountered. Galaxy S with Gingerbread. Thank you! Very well done!

I am liking the way this works except that when uploading pictures a majority of them are uploading sideways.

A couple things need to happen. First we need a direct connection to our files through the app and open or view them through our own viewers and not the default built in viewers. The app needs to stop refreshing the folder every time we navigate through the directories. It should be all cached.

This does the job. I prefer FolderSync Lite’s UI and ability to view/listen to files before you send them, but Android SkyDrive Explorer is not a bad choice. Neither this not FolderSync Lite will send .apk or .mp3 formats even if you remove their extensions. A shortcoming of Android SkyDrive Explorer is that it won’t allow you to select entire directories, or more than one file at once. If it’s possible, then it’s a poor non-standard interface. Long-pressing doesn’t do the trick and there’s no menu in ICS. Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE, ICS 4.0.4.

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