Angador – The adventure starts above ground

[Game] Angador – The Dungeon Crawl

Angador  Enter the dungeon of Angador, explore its uncounted levels, smash its monstrous inhabitants and collect their treasures. Use the auto-play mode to stay idle and have the game AI control your character through the dungeon – or control the hero yourselves.

Choose Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc, Gnome or Human and pick one of twelve pre-made character classes (Fighter, Thief, Adventurer, Tracker, Cleric, Druid, Mage, Sorcerer, Paladin, Ranger, Warrior Mage or Berserker) to start your adventure. If you don’t want a pre-made class then you can individually select talents, set the main attributes and develop skills and thus fully customize your hero character yourselves, just like in a real pen&paper fantasy role playing game. Each character can develop over a dozen skills and up to four spells, depending on the class or talents selection.

The adventure starts above ground, where you can also find a merchant who will buy your loot and sell potions and new items to your hero. Inside the dungeon you will find a typical dungeon crawl game, where monsters inhabit the endless levels and guard their treasures. With every level you go down the monsters become more and more dangerous and their treasures more valuable. Try to get as far as possible to rise up the ranks in the leaderboards!

If you like the game, please rate it! If you don’t like it, then please contact me and give feedback how to improve it. Thanks!

If you would like to see the game localized to another language and would volunteer to do the translation, then please drop me a note. On completion I’d add your name to the game’s About dialog for the new language and we’d have the game localized for your preferred language :-).

Available game settings to customize the game: Sound on/off, music on/off, pixelated “retro” graphics / normal graphics, tutorial messages on/off.

Features to be added in later releases: More monsters, more armor and weapon abilities, more boss monster encounters, more classes, more quests.

Angador user reviews :

Really taken by this game. I’ve installed/uninstalled several times only to reinstall and now I’ve made it several levels down. It’s a pretty difficult endeavor no matter who u choose. And there are several different character types to choose from, and it seems one or two I’ve chosen make it further into dungeon. Good game just wish there were different types of dungeons.
  • Joerg Jahnke
  • Once you make it some more levels down, then a 2nd dungeon will become available that can be used when creating a new character.
Tired another post, was too long. Good game, but I found a bug in character creation where you pick race class, name, gender, stats and skills, then press back to try another but it doesn’t clear skill points soent and gives you more. Picking all the classes each time you go back seems to allow you to start the game with (possibly?) unlimited skills, at least over 40, in everything for every class, but you can only put more points into the class skills you selected last when you gain levels.
  • Joerg Jahnke
  • Thanks for the feedback. Will fix the reported issue with the next update.

The most well thought out RPG I’ve ever used on my phone. All possible original rules have been incorporated such as light effecting stealth capabilities, weapon speed initiative, and race/class skills modifiers, just to name a few. Character development is satisfyingly in depth, but not overwhelming. I love this game. I do wish there were more choices for where to explore. Even still, the game is loads of fun.

It reminds me of a solo HeroQuest. Love it. Having to restart when you don’t have gems to revive is a bit of a kicker but overall I am a fan.

This verily a good game. Though, I receive notices seversl times a day saying the merchant has new wares that’s rarely the case. Druid is almost unplayable also.
  • Joerg Jahnke
  • The merchant does refresh the special offers every 4 hours. I’ll double check whether there is a bug with the refreshing. In any case this 4 hour cycle is the reason for the notifications. And can you explain why the Druid seems unplayable to you? I was quite successful with my Druid when I played it.
Really good game.. Should randomize mazes though when you die..
  • Joerg Jahnke
  • I’m thinking about offering more than one possible dungeon. Not sure whether purely random dungeons would work well. So I hope the option of a few dungeons instead of an endless number would also be okay.
Finally a working good, properly done Dungeon Crawl. The only reason four stars is the font of the text. Yeah it’s cool but it’s hard to read on a smartphone cuz it’s mashed together. Change the font I’ll give the five stars. Great. I could not find that before. Thanks. That is much better.
  • Joerg Jahnke
  • You can change the font in the app’s settings.
Awesome game love the lay out and game play a couple of recommendation is that it would be nice to have a spell hot key on screen and also maybe a potion hotkey. Also when entering into your character back pack when you open the tab it always starts on main skills when 99% of the time you are trying to see what item you picked or how many options you have remaining. So hot key for potions and speels would make this game 5 star in my eyes.
  • Joerg Jahnke
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see what I can do.

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