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[Game] Angelic Kisses

Angelic KissesDiscover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


Five years ago, you lost your parents in a car accident, but you were miraculously saved. You don’t remember the accident very well, but you know that there had been someone there that had helped you all those years ago. You found a bracelet that day. Each day, you live in hope that you can meet the owner of the bracelet, the one that you believe saved your life.

One day, you are walking home from your university when you encounter a stranger named Eva. “I have come to warn you,” he says. You start to hurry home while thinking about those troubling words that seem to allude to something ominous is coming your way. While caught in your thoughts and staring at the brilliant red sunset, you don’t notice until too late that a car is speeding towards where you stand in the middle of the road. A young man named Nowe saves you with seconds to spare. He says something similar to what Eva had said, as well.

The next morning, you oversleep and rush to leave your house. In the apartment hallway, you run into your new neighbor, Chaim, who moved in yesterday. As you find yourself staring at him, outrageous words leave his mouth –.

“I’m going to kill you.” …What?!

Your life changes from that day on! Three handsome guys who suddenly appeared around you, strange feathers, and the mysterious professor at your university… just what do they want from you? What are their true identities and motives?

And why do you get mysterious flashbacks when you come in contact with Chaim?!

Who will you choose to love when you find out the full truth?


Chaim is a cool and mysterious guy. He moved in next door and soon becomes the talk of the university due to his good looks. He is a bit hard to approach, but, as you become partners in class, he shows you a gentler side to him. He seems to have some motive for being here, but the truth is showed in mystery.
Nowe is a bit of a narcissist. He talks and behaves as though he does not really like humans much. He seems to be interfering with Chaim due to having an important purpose. Although he does have an arrogant attitude, there seems to be a sad story to his past.
Eva is a bit sassy. He has many cheeky comments, but the fact that he likes sweets is a cute contrast. In reality, he is very straightforward and kind. He is able to make you laugh and have fun in his presence, but it does seem that he is hiding something from you.

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Angelic Kisses user reviews :

Fantastic story,I really fell in love with 3 of them and it was soooooo hard to choose any one among them as they all are too handsome to talk.According to my opinion these three characters are the cutest ,finest and most handsome anime characters ever made by genius inc.I never cried before but at the last chapter I cried a lot and I was about to uninstall it when I discovered that my CHAIM is back.I loved the ending.Lots of love and support to all of you hardworking guys Genius Inc.

You go for one love interest the whole game, choosing special stories with him, even paying money for rubies, and suddenly at the end the heroine starts kissing other guys, just because, for no reason. Well, actually, there’s a reason — inability of authors to write a complicated story and programmers to create an algorithm with many variables. Guys, what’s the point of giving player the choice and the excitement from being able to influence the story, when you just take it away later on?

There are 1 problem with all your games. 1: The diamonds. We work hard to get the Pts which is used to buy diamonds but we barely get any diamonds in return we would need to pay 12 PTS just to get 1 diamond like that isn’t even fair we all work hard to get them and its almost impossible to get 3 out of 3 in the minigame.

I don’t understand the ratings on Genius games like these. The stories are not bad sure, if you’re willing to spend 1-200 on them. Most of the choice apps that let you chose how you respond in game are outrageous. Your choices consist of ” kiss him back” which costs $3 actual dollars, or ” push him away”, which means you don’t get to chose the character at all. Other choices are downright rude, or pay tons. There are actual free games out there Genius is not it!

An awesome game amazing characters and it has it’s funny moments which makes you laugh out loud! I highly recommend this game if your looking for a romance and love celestial things!

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