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Anime Gacha  Play our new game, Gacha World!

Anime Gacha is a 100% free gacha simulator that lets you pull characters as many times as you want! Collect 180 anime-styled characters and level them up by pulling duplicates of them. You can form a party of five characters and battle Raid Bosses! Compete with your friends and other players in many different leaderboards! Start your rolling today and form the ultimate team!

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Game Features

180 Characters to gacha! Collect them all~!!!
RPG Battle system with elemental strengths & weaknesses.
Level up and Quest!
Google Play Leaderboards for all Gacha cases and Raid battles.
Infinite Gacha Pulls/Rolls!
Free to play! No need to pay money to pull the best characters

If your internet is slow, try turning off wi-fi before you start the game
The game may lag on old devices
If your device starts to lag after playing a while you may need to restart your device
Turn on “Lag Reducer” in options to turn animations off
Bugs may occur if you turn wi-fi off

Thanks for playing Anime Gacha (アニメ ガチャ)!!


Anime Gacha user reviews :

This game was fine. I didn’t feel comfortable when the game needed access to my images, call information and app purchases. No other gacha game accept for anime arcade asked for it. And you don’t even take pictures in the first place! It is kind of boring since you endlessly gacha for free and grind for more experience for your team. You could’ve had competitions with your friend about who could get a unit first or something. But it’s probably broken now. Was a fair app though.

It’s such a great game! I’ve been playing a lot of old gacha games lately and I think the art style is so cute! But I think the game gets kind of boring once you collect ALL of the characters, like what I did. Please update the game soon even though it’s probably dead or forgotten

This is the pinnacle of gaming, this is a reminder of a simpler time. Update the graphics a bit, add some new gachas, and some stroy elements and you got yourself the ultimate game. Even without all that, I still love it; and that’s not just nostalgia talking.

So it Great. You can get units gacha oh my god its so much fun there’s even elements there’s quests and you can get 2 gems every 30 seconds

Ignoring the lack of updates, it’s a great game! However, the character roster is lacking and the game is overly generous, so it’s probably the most speedrun-able Lunime game ever. It takes, like, one day to get all the characters. But then you have to play the RPG part, so it takes longer. Anyway, fun!

I’ve owned this for almost a year, and never knew I didnt make a review, but this is.. art! I know you dont update it anymore though, it was actually really fun! Now you’re making games for roleplay, which is a huge difference of what you used to make! Honestly, games like Gacha World and this were really fun.

Sometimes it glitches on me, and it has a couple of adds, but other than that it worked perfectly fine for me. I give this app a 50 star review!!!!!

Love the app! Its fun getting characters. Even though you can’t make characters, idc! I love the app! its really fun! 5 Stars!

So fun to collect everything in each section. Hint: (Use Mega 20 Draw) to complete everything faster.

You have a battle mode in gacha club which is Good but this is still so fun your art is so in this good anime Arcade gacha studio … Was so good why do you change your style gachaverse onwards

Pretty awesome game. This game is a very fun game, And I’ve been leveling up my units a lot! Almost all of them are level 50, [the mega ones] And I’ve doing good so far! Great game.

This game wins my full star, it’s actually fun and hands down because you don’t actually need to spend gems! Please play this game because it is as good as Gacha World, but luni, stop neglecting your old games!

This game feels kinda abandoned, it’s one of the oldest in the gacha series but it’s still not done, other than that I like it.

Good game but its very easy and easy to get 6 star characters and upgrade them too

It’s fun if you get the right characters like i chose Scythe Ripper 6 star, DJ Phantom 5 star, Avenger Reed 6 Star, DJ X 5 Star, and Scarecrow Killos 6 star if you get those to a high level you be over powered no need to thank me just helping a buddy out

I love it, except there’s too few characters. I finished collecting all of them in a few hours. Also, you should have more stats to upgrade, literally just you can do like health and attack. I just want a little bit more for stats and characters, then I’ll raise my rating. I do love this game, and I have 1 last idea. Maybe, like with gacha life, you could have minigames. But different minigames, because having the same minigames would be repetitive and boring. Thats it! I love this game.

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