Antimine – Test your reasoning power

[Game] Antimine – no guess minesweeper

Antimine  A free and offline Minesweeper game.

Test your reasoning power on a challenging puzzle game where you have to solve a minefield without exploding any mine.
This is a free, minimalist, and modern version of the classic Minesweeper.

Are you able to clear a minefield? Let’s go!

This game has an algorithm that creates solvable minefields. You won’t have to guess where the last mine is!

Just like Minesweeper, this game has different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master. It also has a unique progressive mode that gets harder when you win.

You can create custom levels, change the default control, colors and more!
Example: Help, animations, haptic feedback, question mark.

Antimine has more than 20 themes (including light, dark, and AMOLED). And soon more will be added!

Clean look and feel: a minimalist visual and also lightweight app size.

Don’t you know how to play Minesweeper? No problem, you can play our tutorial level and enable Tips on settings.

Check your results and development.

The game will automatically flag the squares you isolated.

It supports four different control schemes. Example: flag using tap or long press.

You have eight achievements to unlock and different leaderboards to share with your friends.

You don’t need to be online to play the game!

You can start a game and continue it later! It will auto-save your game.


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Antimine user reviews :

Very good and fun to play, best controls u can find out there, you can personalize many things, just great app!!

Yes, that was new native bottom sheet, it is really cool that you use native ask for review, but that was literally the first thing I saw after loading screen. I guess you meant a tiny bit later on.
  • Amazing Puzzles
  • Hi! Thanks for reporting it! This component is fully controlled by Google and It shouldn’t be shown on the first launch. It’s not even guaranteed it would be shown. However, I will check its setup and ensure it won’t happen again. Thanks you!
The worst algorithm I’ve seen in a minesweeper I’ve had 8 starts where it was just a box with all 1 going around it no indication to where the bombs are, then the ones that actually give me something to work with the bombs aren’t even in the right places in relation to where the numbers are located, terrible programming for such a basic game.
  • Amazing Puzzles
  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Can you give more details about the bombs not in the right place, please? About the algorithm: you can disable it if on settings and use the random one. You can also open an issue here:
On the grand scheme of things, I love this version on Minesweeper. The updates have been a little bit of a love/hate affair though. On the positive side, the developer is very responsive and sympathetic to problems reported. One of the best features of the game is the ability to choose alternate methods of marking mines or revealing spaces. Being able to select other color schemes is nice touch too. Tired of sharp squares, now you can round the edges until you have circles instead!
  • Amazing Puzzles
  • Hi! I’m sorry you had a bad experience. About the play again, you mean that the “Retry button” is shown only when you lose a game instead of be always visible? On this current version it shows a Help button during a game.
Free, no ads, and better execution than the paid minesweeper clones. The board & difficulty customization is fantastic. If I could change anything, I’d allow alternate control settings (like double tap rather than long press to place a flag), but that’s just a tiny personal preference. *EDIT* It’s been 2 weeks and they added double click. Thanks devs, you guys rock
  • Amazing Puzzles
  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback!
Brilliant, clean version of Minesweeper that gets extra points for its “no guessing” feature, something that turned me off the previous version I played. Only downside (which stops it from getting 5 stars) is the lack of feedback from holding down to place a flag. If the length of time it takes was configurable, it’d surely earn that last star.
  • Amazing Puzzles
  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback! You can configure the “long press” time on Settings. Besides that, there are other opcional Control schemes that may match you. I hope it helps you!
Love this game & happy to find it open sourced/no adds! It was a little difficult putting flags down, at first. When I realized that there was different ways that you could put flags down on settings, then I found a way that worked best for me. Love all that you’re doing here! Keep up the great work!
  • Amazing Puzzles
  • Thank you very much for your feedback! I’m glad that you liked it.

Liked the overall experience. Nice and clean interface. A few bugs I encountered: 1. Theme resets to system when the app is closed. 2. It happened once, I took out all the mines but I didn’t win the game. 3. Feedback on flag does not work every time.

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