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Antistalker runs silently in the background and it notifies you when other apps are using the camera or the microphone of your device. Antistalker goes beyond the iphone privacy dots! Antistalker is the only available app that provides you an estimation of which application used your camera or microphone and for how long.

Features :

Provides instant notifications when camera and microphone are used.
Gives the duration of the usage of microphone and camera.
Detects and names which apps open the microphone and camera and for how long.
Shows how much data are sent by apps.
Whitelist: Adding trusted apps to the exception list.
SWIPE left on any detection to add the detected app to the whitelist, or to report it.
Real-time protection.
You can customize the notifications you receive.
User-friendly design.

PRO features:
Smart Micblocker: mute your microphone – don’t let anyone record you without you knowing. *It automatically un-mutes the microphone when you are in a call!*
Settings bar: mute/unmute your microphone from the dedicated bar.
Antitheft Alarm: an alarm is activated when someone moves your phone or removes it from the phone charger.

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, Spanish, Greek

*Make sure to update your app frequently to benefit from improvements and new features*

Developed by Malloc – Regain your Privacy!
Please send us your comments about any bugs and feature requests at info[at]

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Antistalker user reviews :

Samsung Galaxy note 9, android 10, One oui 2.5 Layout needs better adaptation to screen size. Will consider going for the pro version, if you add camera block, besides mic muting. Samsung Android SmartFaceService app continuously monitors phone’s camera. Do you consider this necessary? An excellent idea overall. Keep fixing bugs. You deserve a worldwide recognition!

I appreciate this app tells me when there have been recorded incidents. What I’d love is to not only just have the option of blocking the mic from any further recordings, I’d also love to have the video & cam block option available to me as well. Otherwise, it’s easy control. It alerts me when there is unauthorized recordings from either mic or cam.

I like the app. BUT Two things I would pay for: 1) whitelist app. Android eye tracking toasts me every time. 2) toast position. At the bottom of the screen it stops me from doing what I unlocked the phone to do. Let me choose, or at least put it in the middle.

Worked well at first. After a day or two of installing it, everytime I make or receive a call the other end can’t hear me, even when I have the microphone unmuted. The microphone always works after I un-install the app. I’ve tried reinstalling the app a few times and each time after a day or two the microphone quits working on calls again.
  • Malloc Ltd
  • Thank you for reporting this. We will investigate it and fix it.
Sounded a good app to have on all devices. Unfortunately, I cannot see the apps detected at the lower screen because you cannot scroll. Moving to landscape, you see even less and still cannot scroll the screen. Maybe it’s my device, but not much use to me and I did like the idea of seeing which big tech is snooping.
  • Malloc Ltd
  • Thank you for your feedback and support!. This issue is fixed. Please update to the latest version.
interesting app Does what is says it does. However I gave 4 becaues of 2 issues. 1. the app shuts off at random times. My phone is always on. seems like if I don’t use my phone for a few hours, the app shuts off. I have no idea how long its been off. Happens at least once a day. 2. when I use the camera the app alerts me, then alerts me again when I switch to video or view a pic. no discrete pics taken cause everyone knows cam was switch on. Besides that all good.
  • Malloc Ltd
  • Hi and many thanks for your review. Could you try and exclude Antistalker from battery optimisation settings? Some phones put apps to sleep when running in the background for a while. Please consider rating us with 5* as it will help us improve our app even more. You can also email us at info[at] with any issues

The app does monitor your camera and microphone for free. It is accurate too. When I download something from TikTok to Facebook the video is sent thru the camera and low and behold it will tell me fb is using my camera! I just sent a video! It does surprise when looking at detection log… . This app lets you know an attempt is made for facial recognition. It works too because I have Google check facial randomly to make sure it’s me using my accounts.. it works well

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