Graph 89

[App] Graph 89

Graph 89Graph 89- Emulator for the TI-89 graphing calculator.

The ROM image is not included. You need to extract this from you own calculator. Make sure you have the ROM ready before downloading this emulator.

Graph 89 user reviews :

Fantastic Simply put, this is a superb emulator. It is great to always have the power of a Ti89 on hand.

Oh My Graph 89 app makes me want to go back in time. I would go to my 5th grade teacher and ask “why can’t I use a calculator?” and when the robotic response came “You won’t always have a calculator with you!” I would punch her in the face. I mean seriously, I saw this coming 32 years ago when I was 10. I LOVE this app because I loved my TI89! And it is ALWAYS with me…take that Ms. Chatterton!

Works fine but having a bug This calculator is working awesome on my samsung galaxy win.But I ran into problems when I hit 2nd+on key.Instead of quitting the emulator application completely,the virtual screen just goes off and the virtual buttons become unresponsive….then I have to quit it using the home button…how to fix this?

Fantastic port Love the new look on latest update with larger keys, etc. Works just like my physical calculator, very stable. Thanks so much for a wonderful tool!

Wow!! I can’t believe I got this to work! For those who rate one star: go back to using a landline! You have no business with such an advanced device! **But with latest update the buttons aren’t as responsive as they used to be but I do like the improvements especially since I upgraded to an HTC One!

Just like the real thing! A lovely emulation of the real calculator. My personal favourites are HP RPN calculators but all of these emulations preserve classic calculators that we can use even though our original ones may no longer work. Well done!

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