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Trust. Happiness. Affection. Pick from either 3 charming chaps or 3 lovely ladies and start the quiz: a simple and fun 60 question test to measure your love. Check your Love Test results and find out what is the true nature of you and your partner’s love. Love Test is your map on the road to a perfect relationship – check out the Golden Rules, a 10-step guide to a happy relationship, so make sure you follow it to the letter!

• 60 question test to measure the most important aspects of your relationship
• 6 charming characters to choose from
• Valentine’s Day greetings: a great selection of poems and sweet words to send to your Valentine.
• Tender Words: poems to help you express your love.
• Gold Rules: 10 rules to intensify the love in your relationship.
• Send poems and sweet words by mail and SMS or share them on Facebook and Twitter
• The test results can also be shared via the social networks or sent by e-mail and SMS.

Your true love may be just around the corner so don’t walk past blindly! Let love test light the way!

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