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MapQuestMapQuest is your go-to app for GPS, voice navigation and live traffic updates.

Whether you’re running a quick errand across town or taking a road trip across the country, MapQuest has the trusted directions and features you need for stress-free navigation. Our app can guide you with voice navigation, route you around accidents, and even help you find cheap gas. You can even customize your experience with multi-stop directions, robust bookmarking options, handy sharing features and automatic traffic re-routing. MapQuest is here to help get you where you need to go, wherever life takes you.

With our MapQuest App, you can:
Get a head start on your daily commute with live traffic updates
Beat traffic and show up on time with automatic traffic re-routing
Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel with our voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions
Locate your destination faster with our advanced search
Save a few bucks when you click on nearby gas stations and view and compare their current gas prices
Bookmark your home and work addresses so you can find your way to either at the push of a button
Keep friends and family in the loop by sharing your location
Choose between walking and driving directions

Join the millions of people that have already downloaded the free MapQuest app as their own personal navigator.

MapQuest user reviews :

Reliable Good GPS have used it several time with no problem. Lately its been glitching when I close the app to do something else. It will close completely or won’t reload the directions when I pull it back up causeing me to have to go through telling it where I wanna go all over again. While driving that’s not fun.

Terrible, the UI is nice, but the map quality is extremely low. Also, thinks Sheffield (one of the biggest UK cities) is in Cornwall, on the other side of the country. Also fails the load a route. Might be down to Cyanogen 10.2 (Running Android 4.3)

New version is a huge improvement but needs some tweaks Beautiful vector maps with street names that are finally readable. Quality MapQuest routing and ETA. The ETA bar is a great feature. Here are the things that I think need to be fixed: The colored bar under the ETA bar should be multicolored and correspond to the traffic that is on the route. Way too much screen is taken up by the Next turn banner, the directions list button and the second turn banner. Close to 1/3 of the map screen is lost to these items. Make the directions list accessible from a menu. Can’t see any reason why the next turn banner needs to be so huge. Better yet, it could disappear and be a pop-up as you approach the next turn. While enroute, the traffic condition on your route is completely cover

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