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Mystery ShopwatchMystery Shopwatch LITE(tm) is a stopwatch geared towards mystery shoppers.

As a mystery shopper, you’re required to report the start and end times as well as the duration of a shop. You might also be required to report on the elapsed time between various interactions with the shop staff. This stopwatch (aka “shopwatch”) allows you to do all of this with ease and accuracy.

This stopwatch will record not only a duration but the start and end times. You can also mark various timing points and very easily display the elapsed time between any two markers. A typical usage scenario might be to start the clock when you enter the shop, add timing markers when you enter a line, complete an order and receive your order, and then stop the clock when you leave.

A display option allows you to choose muted colors for the buttons.

An option allows you to use the volume up or down buttons to add a marker when it is in timing mode. To prevent errors, both up and down buttons perform the same function and are used only to add a marker.

The paid full version of this app allows you to save your timing data along with a note.

Mystery Shopwatch user reviews :

Volume start stop doesn’t work I installed this app today and the volume start stop was working, but just stopped and no longer works with the screen off. I tried restarting the phone, but it doesn’t work. I have also tried to reinstall the app but it still does not allow the time to be stopped and started with the screen turned off while the app is running. The volume controls do start the times while the screen is on though.
  • AppsGrrl April 25, 2014
  • The app does have to be running for the volume buttons to have effect. I do not process the volume buttons in the background, partly because I feel that it might interfere with other apps that might be running that require volume control, such as recording things. I’m surprised that the buttons don’t work after restarting.

Love the app. I was not comfortable with using a stopwatch before. This is great. The only things that would make this app better are to have it be on my notification bar so I could get back to it quickly and to not have the words mystery shop on the top when using.

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