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Phone Spy ProfessionalPhone Spy Professional : Application track following activities:

Phone Call Monitoring
Logs all inbound and outbound phone calls:
Number Dialed
Number of Caller
Call Date / Time
Call Direction
Text Message Monitoring
Records every SMS message sent or received:
Sender’s Number
Recipient’s Number
SMS Date / Time
Message Text
Phone Spy Pro is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor your smartphone in real time. This unique system records the activities of your smartphone.
You install a small application directly onto the phone you own and want to monitor. It starts at every boot of the phone, remains stealth and does not show up in the running process list.
After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will record an array of phone activities and then silently send data to your email using the Internet.
Integrates with the contact data base so you know the names and the numbers of people communicating with your phone.

After Installation application
1. Dial 777 to open the settings screen.
2. Press button End Call.
3. Enter the new password and save it.
4. Enter your mail.
5. Press button for send test mail.
6. Check your email.
7. Close the application.

NOTE: To learn more about the program you can start with the lite version is fully functional and offers every feature of the product for you to test-drive

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NOTICE : Removed from the playstore try developer website

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