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RecollectorThe Recollector App is the Android companion to the PC and Mac versions of Recollector, software for managing data about your personal collections.

Recollector is a general-purpose collection management tool, and works well with data about collections of any kind (art, coins, books, maps, toys, etc.).

NOTE: The Recollector App is NOT a stand-alone program for cataloging and managing a collection. The cataloging/managing tool is Recollector, which runs on MS/Windows and Mac OS X. The Recollector App is for users of that program who also want the ability to take their collection (text and images) with them on an Android mobile device. For information about the main program, Recollector, please go to

Recollector on the PC and Mac includes an “export for Recollector App” facility that prepares collection database for download to your Android smartphone or tablet. The Recollector App is a full-function viewer for all of your collection data. The viewing features available in the PC and Mac versions of Recollector (images, formatted text, hyperlinks, etc.) are also available in the Recollector App.

The Recollector App is a read-only viewer for your collection data. Updates and editing of your collection data are done on your PC or Mac (with the PC or Mac versions of Recollector). You can re-export your updated collection database at any time, to bring your Recollector App version of your collection data up-to-date with the PC or Mac version.

Like Recollector on the PC and Mac,the Recollector App supports having multiple collection databases. If you have more than one collection, you can easily switch from viewing one collection to viewing a different one.

Recollector user reviews :

Using Recollector for several years I have been using the core program for my map collection on my PC for several years, and was delighted to see this add-on so I can carry my information on my iPhone and Android Nexus 7 complete with images. Not sure that the other reviewer was thinking but this IS ONLY A READER. The author states that VERY clearly in this description. The frequently updated database program itself resides on my PC. I take the updated database data on my devices so when I go to an auction or store, I can see what I already own. Considering the cost/benefit ratio for me of the core program and this free viewer, I give it a 5.

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