S.A.M. Set Airplane Mode

[App] Set Airplane Mode

Set Airplane ModeSet Airplane Mode : Auto activate and deactivate airplane mode at fixed time saving battery!

app activation depending on the day of the week
edit wifi status, ringer mode and audio volumes when activating / deactivating airplane mode, useful if you want to be sure your phone is in Vibration or Silent mode every morning
Set Airplane Mode delays the activation of airplane mode at the end of any voice call currently in progress

Schedule airplane mode using S.A.M. for making inactive your phone during the night instead of turning it off, you will be able to use it as alarm.

NEVER KILL with task killers, DON’T MOVE TO SD.
For any problem/question, send me an email!

Jelly Bean 4.2: from version 4.2 only system apps can modify airplane mode state, and this app won’t work anymore. If you don’t agree with this Google decision vote this issue by clicking on the star, it’s important!

Permissions needed

System Tools:
I) handle WiFi and airplane mode
II) SAM starts on boot, sets airplane mode to the wanted state and then stops itself
Phone Calls: checks the phone state in order to know if there are active phone calls, in that case delays activation of airplane mode
Network Communications: advertisement download
Your personal information: ONLY IF YOU AGREE, in case of crash allows me to receive debug information (logcat) reguarding the problem

Set Airplane Mode user reviews :

Huawei premia Works great very lite,

excellent it is useful in knight

Excellent! This is the only app I use for setting automatic airplane mode in my phone. I have tried others, but I keep returning to S.A.M.

Download Set Airplane Mode :

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