WiFi Thetering Router Enabler

[Widget] WiFi Thetering Router Enabler
WiFi Thetering Router Enabler

WiFi Thetering Router Enabler : IMPORTANT: this is a widget, not an application.

This means that you have to install it on the desktop. It’s completely normal that in the settings page there is only a switch for data connection auto enable.

If you use often the embedded feature of your device that turns it in a WiFi router sharing your data connection (not available on all devices), if your device like mine needs 7 clicks to turn it on, you will surely benefit of this simple widget that enables WiFi Tethering in one click.

From settings pane is possible to enable the function that automatically activates data connection. This functionality however is not supported on all devices.
Remember that data connection can imply extra costs on you mobile plan.

WiFi Thetering Router Enabler application is distributed for free without any kind of warranty.

If you find any bug please report.

WiFi Thetering Router Enabler user reviews :

Its not working Everytime i click on the widget it just says turning router on and the icon never turns green and nothing ever pops up on the top of my screen. How do i fix it? I have a Kyocera hydro ..

Awesome but I need help!! This works great on my phone My Touch. I downloaded it to use on my laptop from my phone but its asking for the security key to use the internet. Does anyone know what it is?

Brilliant App 10/10 One touch on the widget turns my S3 into a mobile hotspot. No turning on 3G then turning on the hotspot. One touch does it all.

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