Area F2 – Winning the information war is half the battle

[Game] Area F2 – Global Launch

Area F2   Global Launch Event: ALL AGENTS FREE for 7 days (Until May 31, 2020)


In Area F2, the first Close-Quarters Battle (AKA CQB) shooting game on mobile, players fight over ultra-realistic environments as attacker and defender, playing as one of a wide selection of agents, each with own their special ability. All roofs and walls can be reinforced or destroyed, challenging players’ skills and tactics as every wall may become a potential entry point.


Choose from 20+ elite agents, each based on real-life special forces. Set up a machine gun to lay down suppressing fire, destroy walls with explosive crossbow bolts, or set trip mine at potential entry points. Each agent has their own unique gadget, resulting in a wide range of tactical combinations and interactions.

Think three-dimensionally with realistic and varied environments. In these fully destructible environments, attackers can destroy walls to create their own entry points, while defenders can reinforce doors and windows to prevent attacks.

Know thy enemy – release drones to find the target, or jam the enemy signal to prevent detection. Winning the information war is half the battle!

Climb the walls and attack from above, or break the ceiling to attack from below in this three-dimensional battlefield.


Area F2 user reviews :

The game is very nice, pretty similar to the PC game it is based on. The controls are good, weapons feel nice and movement is well made. It’s a strategy game and there’sa lot of camping, but this is how the game is supposedto be. Of course, you have the option to not camp if you want. Overall a good game, but the matchmaking is insanely long. 5+ minutes of queueing and unqueueing just for a game? If it wasn’t the long and annoying matchmaking, this game would be a 5 out of 5 stars.

Game is well thought of. I mean really. The game concept is top notch. But movements are too slow. I could literally sleep while on auto-run, waiting to reach my destination, Lol. 2. Grenades take too long to explode (Flash Bang) in particular. Your purpose for throwing it could be defeated while waiting for it to detonate. Until these issues are attended to, I’m going to keep you at 3 stars Thank you.

This game is amazing, I would give it a 4.9, however, I play claw and as a result some of my buttons are at the top of my screen. But in training mode, the exit button and some other buttons interfere with the gameplay. If the exit ,reset map and gadgets options could be placed in the settings option that would be great. Everything else from graphics to gameplay is top notch. Good job.

Too long loading time for a short duration of gameplay. You have to wait 5 to 10 minutes to get into a game which only lasts for 2 or 3 minutes. Something needs to be done seriously to rectify this. And during the loading time, some players progess to 100% ridiculously slow. And we’ll have to wait for them to complete. Gameplay wise, this is awesome. Just the annoying longer duration times.
  • Qookka Games
  • Hello, agent! We are sorry to cause an unpleasant gaming experience. We will present your valuable feedbacks to our technical team and optimize the game. Thank you for your support of AreaF2.

Nice game, its all about tactics. But still, it’s freezing in the middle of the battle sometimes. Low graphic, stopping all background apps and stable connection won’t be help. Please fix this, the other players complaining the same thing. Global version should be more stable than beta and have no freeze. I or we appreciate it if the dev trying to make the game more stable and better.

Great game with great mechanics. The matching system is not good since, I’m being match with players that have way more higher rank. Tons of players going afk and seems that there’s no penalties. The controls need to be more smooth and the sound quality need to be improved. I’m enjoying the game so far but there’s still that need to be fixed. Thank you.

It’s been day 3 I tried to reconnect and it still doesn’t allow me. I tried everything (re-download, restart my phone, uninstall some game to download this game and more) and it still doesn’t work. My Wi-Fi is fast enough to play but I can’t reconnect it so many time. Even my brother try to download and try to connect it. He had the same thing. Fix it.
  • Qookka Games
  • Dear Agent,Please make sure that you chose the server of your region and have a stable internet connection (4G or Wi-Fi). Log out of your account, exit the game and clear some storage on your device, then log in again. We recommend 4G network for a better gaming experience.Thank you for your attention and wish you have a nice day!

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