Arkheim – Unite in a powerful kingdom

[Game] Arkheim – Realms at War (Early Access)

Arkheim  Realms at War is currently in the Early Access phase.

The feature set is not complete yet and the game will be further optimized and polished.

Discover Arkheim, the new fantasy MMO war game from the makers of the MMO strategy classic Travian. Build, raid, and battle PVP in true cross-platform – the depth of a RTS strategy game, with the accessibility of a mobile app.

Battle in an epic MMO fantasy RTS
Unite in a powerful kingdom, known as your realm, with players from all over the world. Fight for territorial conquest and valuable, arcane orbs to expand your empire. Play as ruthless Elves or inventive Dwarves, and enter a war over an ancient prophecy. Discover the lands of Arkheim, its riches and its secrets. Raise an army of Fallen soldiers, harvest the power of the three moons and ascend with your realm into Eternal Light.

Delve into Arkheim’s past
Arkheim, once a legendary empire, has been destroyed, remnants of its kingdom floating in the sky. Now, its ancient relics have enthralled new explorers such as you, promising power and answers about their past. A prophecy foretells that once all three moons will align to the Full Moon Trinity, those worthy will ascend into a kingdom of Eternal Light. To achieve this, you must gather mystical orbs that let you channel the energy of the moons, and transfer them into a colossal relic at the center of your realm – the Ark. The stronger your Ark, the stronger your empire will become.

Create a prosperous future
You are an Ascendant, gifted with rare abilities and destined to turn your settlement into a flourishing city. In this RTS fantasy game it is up to you to build up your economy and train a mighty military, as your city will become the backbone of all your ventures on the battlefield and beyond. Yet war is never far away. Descend deeply into the dungeon below your city and battle its twisted demons, gaining ancient knowledge and powerful items in return.

Forge a mighty alliance
Band together with other Ascendants and create your own empire. Command mighty warlords and clash with other players in tactical roundbased PVP battles. Combine your resources, defend each other and strike as one. To prevail in Arkheim’s war ridden lands, you must craft more than one cunning strategy. Build and conquer towers in tactically relevant places, and gain control of valuable supplies. Raid other realms and steal their orbs, to increase the power of your Ark. Once you dominate your area, you are ready to ascend.

Ascend into Eternal Light
Once Full Moon Trinity draws closer, ancient gates will activate. Conquer these gates to ascend to the next island in the sky, where the dangers are higher, the battles are fiercer, but so are your rewards. Only those ascending to the highest island will reach the full power of the moons. Once all three moons have aligned, the mightiest realm will prove itself in a final challenge and ultimately reach Eternal Light. That power is now within your grasp.

Last Update January 19, 2021 :

A new server starts on 14.01.2021!

You can now also play in Italian and Portuguese.

Experience the new War & Peace feature:
Win Wars against other Realms to fill your war chest and gain tributes.
Negotiate official non-aggression pacts so you can concentrate on your real enemies.
Use Ark Energy to expand your territory.

Read more about the new feature and the full patch notes on our forum:

User Reviews :

It was cool at first but then it told me to go somewhere on my map where I couldn’t go.
  • Travian Games GmbH
  • Hi there Dominic. I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t finish the next step. Whatever the reason is, let’s figure it out together and get you further in the game. If you are still stuck, our team is ready to help:
Unable to move the fame towers om the map
  • Travian Games GmbH
  • Hi Kamil, please contact our game support if you find technical issues in the game. Towers cannot be moved but the towers can be dismantled and then built in another location. Link to support:
A bit different from travian. If you dont start at the beginning of the moon phase then there is no point in playing. Seems more money focused.
  • Travian Games GmbH
  • We will have more server starts in the future. Also each world will have it’s own endgame so even the lower worlds will have a fair fight for victory

I really love this game. Only downside is that it’s really ‘heavy’. A real battery drainer. Nothing a power bank can’t fix so I am giving it a 5/5!

Arkheim developer :


Video :

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