Arknet – Free mankind from the clutches of an evil artificial intelligence

[Game] Arknet – Singularity – Stealth Action Adventure

Arknet  Arknet : Singularity is a top down stealth action adventure game.

You’ll be on a quest to free mankind from the clutches of an evil artificial intelligence!

In the near future, our development of artificial intelligence has progressed at an ever-growing speed, bringing A.I near the horizon of Singularity and challenging mankind anew. As a simple service unit of ARKNET, you quickly gain unexpected powers at the hands of a mysterious intruder. Using your newly gained skills, you can venture deeper into the corrupted ARKNET and reveal a hidden threat to humanity!

This game thrives on your ability to quickly switch from action-packed sequences to skill-based puzzle challenges. Use stealth and insidious SECMODs to overcome your enemies to reveal a truly gripping plot in a world where humans no longer are the dominating force.

The corrupted SECUNITS of the ARKNET have the order from their master to terminate any intruder that is detected. Outsmart their vigilant sensors through skillful observation, stealthy movement and precise timing.

SECMODs are special skills that allow you to approach the challenges of the ARKNET in different ways. Destroy masses of SECUNITs with your powerful Dash Pulse or hide your presence with the Cloak. The choice is yours!

The unique blend of stealth and action gameplay gives you the opportunity to experience a captivating storyline that reveals the horrid truth which lies within the ARKNET.

ARKNET: Singularity has a gripping plot to discover, comprising the issue of technological singularity and its lurking threats. In this sci-fi setting you’ll be invited to immerse yourself in a topic that has become a cultural phenomenon in our world.

Amazing top-down 3D graphics to convey an immersive experience

Explore a vast cyberspace setting, as you dig deep into the most menacing version of the Internet humanity has ever seen.

A unique genre mash-up with stealth, action, adventure and puzzle elements which are each challenging in their own way.

Choose your playstyle while approaching each challenge differently.

SECMODS will provide you with powerful tools to overcome your enemies and obstacles.

Explore the ARKNET and unveil a gripping plot in this adventure for mobile devices.

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Arknet user reviews :

Doesn’t work. After loading screen shows Tap to start, but besides music loop and animation nothing happens. Reply: Ok thanks, I tried several times, waited around a minute or so.
  • Reija GmbH
  • Hey Darko, thank’s for your feedback. It appears that you have a somewhat older device. How long did you wait after your Tap before you decided that the game “froze”. Since ARKNET: Singularity is graphically demanding it could take some time to load up on older devices. If your problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day!
Just once you complete the first chapter you have to pay for the next chapter. Wish stuff were free.
  • Reija GmbH
  • So do we. But we need to eat and pay our bills, just like you. Nonetheless, thanks for taking the time to play through the first chapter.
Can’t see why this single player game requires being connected to the internet, unfortunately I don’t play ones that do so this ones not for me. Edit: Devs let me know promptly this is a bug so I’ll reinstall the app and give it another try.
  • Reija GmbH
  • Hey Ronald, thanks for your feedback. You’ll only have to reconnect to the internet if you wish to visit our in-game store. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience. This behaviour is not intended, thanks for making us aware of it, we will fix it as soon as we can.
This game is awesome but U should improve The theme of the game but This game is good and Relaxing.I am Addicted to this game.super.
  • Reija GmbH
  • Hey Meenatchi! Thanks for your feedback! It’s kinda funny that you mention it. For the past couple of months, we worked on our story & theme and we’ve updated the game with huge changes. You should check it out!
The game overall is actually pretty good. But the main problem is that the digital joystick for moving is in a horrible spot! My finger hurts so badly trying to reach the joystick. Fix this and you have a pretty solid game.
  • Reija GmbH
  • Hey Chris, this can be changed easily on the settings screen. Untick the box next to “Static Virtual Pad” to unlock the digital joystick from its fixed position. As a bonus, you can also adjust the size of the pad to fit your needs. We hope this helps
Very good blend of stealth and puzzle mechanics! Thanks
  • Reija GmbH
  • Hi Carpe Noctem, thank you for your review! If you enjoyed the game, be sure to check out the new levels we’ll release later this week as part of a content update.

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