Armored Aces – Improve your tank and destroy your enemies

[Game] Armored Aces – Tank War

Armored Aces  Battle other online users from around the world in authentic tanks.

World tank war rages in teams of 6 vs 6. Join the battle in one of more than 100 different tanks. Improve your tank and destroy your enemies. Cooperate with friends and win the battles!

Choose from over a hundred authentic tanks.

Upgrade your cannons, armor, engines, crew and optics.

Use a Tiger or M1A2 Abrams to attack enemy.

Play with your friends in a platoon or join a veteran clan.

You can be victorious with great missions and game play.

The game features excellent graphics and effects.

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Armored Aces user reviews :

This still far better than World of tanks guys. It has always have lot of potentials. I do miss the old loading sequence of que. By the way the graphics still primitive to current competition completion but I do understand that would loads a lot of ping to servers. Yet, still try enhance it further. Once these platform reach its full potentials, definitely would and could kick some arses on the field. Y MERKAVAS not here… the way Devs, in western part of Poland, you’ll c open field ex.,.

Just hope that one day this (once great game) will be put in the hands of some group of individuals that would put some time into AAces and would actually bring some much needed new additions.and get rid of the biggest problem that has haunted this (once great game) since i6 takeover = !the update that introduced the new tank physics! AKA = THE SLOWDOWN OF YOUR TANKS TO AN UNACCEPTABLE RIDICULOUS LEVEL.SINCE THE DAY OF THIS TRAGIC MINDLESS UPDATE .THE GREAT FUN AND ENJOYMENT WITH INTENSITY IS?

The developers will not contact anyone back. Gameplay is shooting bots mostly now, that seem to be able to fire through rock hills and dunes. Was a decent game till the original developers sold it. Servers are slow 1 out of every 3 games wont start or crash mid game losing any winnings or boosts youve paid for.

What has happened to this game? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that most tanks are Bots. Why? Because they do some incredibly stupid things. Like driving straight at an enemy and never firing all the while being hit. And then being at close range combat and constantly turning their gun off target or worse, turning the rear of tank towards the enemy.

I love this game!!! But there are problems and improvements you can make to the game. 1. Can you remove the fuel tank feature?, its just annoying and pointless 2. Improve the graphics of the game 3. Add more tanks/tank trees 4. Reduce the uprade wait times 5. More maps 6. Custom rooms/training rooms 7. Cold war vehicles, make all of these possible and i will give this 5 starts, thank you if you took the time to read this devs :) – jake wilder

Great game but scoring needs to really looked at even when buying platinum battles. Why? You can do all the work with 3 or 4 times much damage to your opponents and other players on your team can still get relatively same amount of coins and even more gold if they fire final shot that finishes the tank despite you doing the work.That’s unfair where opportunists take advantage. Rewards should reflect those doing the most damage on an shared basis rather than this very unfair scoring right now.

Best tank game ! Lol I was so dumb when I’d downloaded this didn’t know how many coins I had why is my tank bad ,but now it’s ez tank destroyers are ez to use ( I wish this game was back to is original owner)

I havent played AA in a while but the game still the same, its a shame. Yes its grindy and PTW. Game needs better mechanics, maps and a new interface. The 3D models re nice, only real tanks and prototypes, the game has potencial.

Good graphics. What I don’t like this game is the tank fuel. It takes time to refill. It makes the game boring. It’s not like wotb that has no limit tank fuel.

The concept is great and it seems like it could be really fun but the controls are horrible. Only having one button to fire makes it so that I either have choose between firing while moving or firing while aiming. Trying to turn the tank sometimes confuses the joystick and it goes backwards instead. Turning the turret from side to side is pretty good, but trying to go up or down just a smidge requires more effort than it should. Would probably rate 5/5 if controls were fixed.

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