Armored Squad – See you on the battlefield

[Game] Armored Squad

Armored Squad  Armored Squad is a fast paced online action with mechs, robots and tanks with colorful graphics.

Grab your friends and join online PVP battles!

Or play 60 offline levels and play against AI bots : no internet required!

Fight with lasers, swords and rocket launchers at the same time! Our robots can use multiple weapons simultaneously.

Force fields and jump jets, boosters and shields, tons of guns – equip the mech to fit your style of play.

Repair your allies and put defensive sentry guns.

Collect parts of destroyed machines to assemble new robot.

Achieve new ranks in multiplayer or single player duels.

Unlock all three levels of dificulty.

A lot of game modes in this online shooter won’t let you get bored: Capture The Flag (ctf), Control Points, Bomb Delivery, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Football, Hail The King!

The game size is small – under 50Mb ( megabytes)

This is one of the few offline and online mech games with customization!

See you on the battlefield!

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Armored Squad user reviews :

Hey FoxForce, can you add a new gamemode called Deathmatch, here is the rules: -If your current mech dies, you can select 3 more mechs to enter the battle, once you lose all your mechs, you get elimated for good. -Timer must be 5 minutes -Balanced gameplay please add it :) If you can’t, well just add this in your wish list

Great game amazing graphics just Add strong bots strong bots are bot that have red to black equipment they’re weapon are tier 3 and mechs are max upgraded please add it.And if i can i will rate this 5+ stars cuz for me this is the best game ever!!!! Everything is so cool!!! I suggest you to download the game.

I like that you need to go with a certain approach to your vehicle, or else it won’t be effective. Matchmaking is fair, and although some things might seem OP there are weaponry and strategies available to counter those. Offline mode is a good way to start off the game and practicing, but the multiplayer is the best this game has to offer, with team play being very important. Feels a lot like a MOBA. AI could use more work though. Overall, a very good and fun game for pretty much all ages.

i give 3star rating because the new update has lot of bugs to fix like the dog mech doesnt camou when equipped with camou equipment..this game has a good chance of being on a competative scene because this game has a lot to offer you can come up with different strategies except that the online matchmaking is a trash like literally you only have 3 members in your team and the others have six is not really balance and it is such a waste for a really good game…
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hi Gnapmas, thanks for the report. The problem will be fixed in the next update. The bug appears when you use the dog mech with melee weapon and invisibility. Current workaround is to use usual range weapons.
i loved this game its very fun and can we edit the buttons on the opintions menu because it would be easyer to remember were to tap and pls move the emoji button some were elese because wen i tap the sniper zoom i keep on pressing the wrong button EDIT: pls add an fire/shoot- button/joystick it would be easy to aim and shoot because you can only shoot when tapping the top and can’t aim with it. Just like the scoped sniper there was button to shoot And aim
  • FoxForce Games
  • Hey Josep. The old black grappling hook was a kind of cheat. Skilled player could outperform the entire enemy team with it on certain game modes ( Two Towers, Hail The King). So it has been nerfed. Still it is quite usefull in my opinion. I’ll consider your request about ability buttons and emoji button. Thanks for the comment!

best game! I love that theres different modes i love it! Even if you are just playing offline its still cool and i love how you can customize your stuff… But i think you should add more Guns and armor and also more minigames but this is so cool!!!

A super awesome game a great time killer and I love the grafics. I’d love to see more customizable tanks and maybe new game modes. But overall I think though it can use some fine tuning it’s one of the best mec games I ever played.

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