Art of War – Lead them on the battlefield

[Game] Three Kingdoms – Art of War

Art of War  The best collectible type Three Kingdoms RPG. Summon HEROES from the Chinese THREE KINGDOMS era, lead them on the battlefield to match and blast a way out through the chaotic time of Han Dynasty !

Unite Three kingdoms under your rule, forge the next great dynasty, the fate of your empire is in your hands!

Game Features:
1.Hundreds of hero skills. Play with strategy!
2.Lossless hero training system. Cultivate at will!
3.Claim VIP EXP and diamonds for free. Without any limit!
4.Daily login to get recruit times for free. Try your luck!
5.SR can be awoken to be SSR. No useless heroes!

Contact Us:
Email: cs[at]

Art of War user reviews :

I absolutely love playing this game I do advise get you do get a Facebook account just in case your game starts don’t send any like mine and it’s we did for a while and I need a Facebook to make sure I don’t lose all my progress again but I love the game and I definitely love having more Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters play as. The only thing I want to have more table is more people to collect.

Great game overall, I like the graphics of the character If you like the characters in three kingdoms, this is definitely a game for you Game play is pretty good, and almost free to play. if you want better experience, you may need to purchase the entry packages

The design are friendly, chibi character,neat UI, easy to learn gameplay. I played this game on 4 different server so i can say that the hero, in general, have their own field of use and there is almost no trash ssr hero.

Game was fun and easy to navigate, events were inclusive of pay to win and non paying too! I have 2 accounts (1 pay little and the othet no pay), both accounts are fun and strong. This game requires strategy and matching of characters, skills and equipments, 5 stars and well done!

Zero star will be given unless my problem been solved I have been playing this game since months back and the game started not working for 2 days. Uninstalled the same and reinstalled. Couldn’t log in with old ID? The link below given is not valid. Link is not valid!
  • ZBJoy Games
  • Sir, I am very sorry for the bad experience for you. We have carried out the latest update. If you bind your Google or Facebook account, uninstall the game first, and then reinstall the installation package at this link: to see if this problem still exists.

This game is a fun and interesting game whereby it introduce three kingdom quiz so that when you answer the question correctlt you are rewarded for your knowledge. Also, it can be a f2p game. Thumbs up!

I play this game an hour ago and until now I’m enjoying it.. I give it a 5 stars for so many benefits for the new players.. keep it up and make your players excited every updates.. thanks..

This game is very nice.they even give you 100k diamonds. The graphic is nice and the game paly is fun too. I never played a game like this other developer give you 100k diamonds for free

I am fan of three kingdoms. I enjoy very much of this game in aspect of game design, is simple and quite adorable for the characters. The most important thing is game task for getting a new hero is achievable, not like the other games, had to top up much money in order to clear the task or mission. Thanks for the game producer and their team for making this great mobile game, i really enjoy it.
  • ZBJoy Games
  • Thank you for your support and download, I wish you have a happy game! If you have any problems in the game, you can contact us through the Facebook homepage:, we will help solve or optimize the problem as soon as possible.

This game is great… U can play for free and still be in top 10 or u can spend a little money for top 1-5… Amazing

So far so good!! The dev quite responsive. Just starting to play this game in awhile. The gameplay is smooth plus i think it will be fun to play in long term. The devs quite generous with the gift so far n i think it’s quite easy to understand the mechanism of the game. Hope to have fun n all the best to the devs for such a great game for us to enjoy.
  • ZBJoy Games
  • Thank you for your support and download, I wish you have a happy game! If you have any problems in the game, you can contact us through the Facebook homepage:, we will help solve or optimize the problem as soon as possible.

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