Astral Chronicles – Chosen to be the hero that can challenge fate

[Game] Astral Chronicles

Astral Chronicles  This is the fantasy JRPG where you’ve been chosen to be the million to one hero that can challenge fate. The miles of challenge and mystery lie before you. Will you be the last hope to reverse the wheel of fate?

A mystic call brings you into the Astral Realm, a world of magic and wonder.
Across a vast, forbidden ocean, soars a dragon in the night sky.
Below, hidden in the forest depths, the purest of the Elves conceals her essence.
In the center of the continent, the Tower of Babel is seen extending from a great city,
All around, live greedy but diligent Orcs, Dwarves of great intellect, and endearing Gutes…

Unlike the story you used to meet before, in this game, there’s a sad story given as to why the villains are behaving a certain way, and there’s evil resides within the envoy of justice. The intertwining storylines will bring you an unprecedented captivating RPG experience!

Explore a vast open world as you seamlessly transition from one environment to another, unraveling plots of intrigue in this side-scrolling adventure! Venture on mysterious rewarding quests and win epic loot. Take care, don’t be deceived by the innocent-looking characters on your journey!

More than 50 legendary heroes of unique personalities and stories at your beck and call. Recruit these heroes and enlist a versatile squad by bringing together powerful combinations of heroes!

Cast your own spells in battle by scribing runes with your fingertips. Unleash more than 200 unique skills that you learn from your heroes.

Choose from 5 different and highly customizable classes ranging from Warrior, Guardian, Ranger, Sorcerer and Chanter. Shift to other classes anytime you want to build a new lineup and Turn the tides of battle with tactical gameplay.

Musical composition: Noriyuki Iwadare (Grandia, Phoenix Wright, Langrisser)

Japanese Voiceover: Jun Fukuyama, Kumiya Rie, Yukari Tamura, Satomi Arai, Yui Horie, Yui Ogura, Shinohara Yu, Takuya Nakashima, Inoue Hinohana, Ishiro Kurosaki, Yukizaki Tsuki, Sugawazu, Yushu, Akari Uehara, Kumagai Kari, Yasuko Yasuda, Kamisumi, Kajiwara Takehito, Taisuke Nakano, Takayagi Tomokano, Shino Shiina, Yutaka Otani, Ninomi Aosuma, Yuki Kamiyama, Kokoro Oga, Masuoka Daisuke

Official Facebook:
Official Website:
CS email: ubeejoycs[at]

System requirement:Android 4.4+
Ram:2G RAM (best performance)

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Astral Chronicles user reviews :

love!! i really love this kind of game. you can do gacha pretty often and the result is not necessarily bad! eveything went smooth and enjoyable as well! the mc system got us to think what’s the best and not for the team to clear certain quest. also you can change job easily and get to know each job’s benefits to ensure you to enjoy the game. UI and graphic are very nicely done too! fav!

The game is good, but the ammount of poorly balanced bosses and restrictions to progress consistently so early (Lv.30) ruined it for me I hope the game will be better in the future, but right now, i am not willing to play a game that likes to put a huge Stop sign in my face after every story mission, forces me to waste materials to upgrade useless weapons so early, and has an INFURIATING timeout system that forces to me to prioritize damage.

Good character card design, changeable main character class for balance team building and fairly generous gatcha, Im still giving it 1* for these reason : its an Auto combat simulator, only your main character can be instructed to attack the enemies you choose,other team members will attack who they want regardless of the player command. Support character runs all around the place which ends up walking into enemies fire almost 80% of the battle.Level design are poorly constructed with overpowered boss mechanic that hits almost half the way of the battle arena. Gesture mechanic are not accurate,playing manual will end up with “invalid gesture” almost all the time. Badly translated dialogue with grammar error and AI translated sentences. Story has no explanation and arc,any choice given to player are completely ignored, way too much fade-to-black to cover up almost any storytelling in the game. Oh right here’s a bonus info, there are 3 different currency in the game,while you can choose to not spend real money on it,the NPC would make sure you spend it.

Last Update :

Fixed minor bugs.

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