Astronest – Become a hero in Cosmic Warfare

[Game] Astronest – The Beginning

Astronest  Lead mankind to the brave new frontier… Space!

Become a hero in Cosmic Warfare and use strategy and tactics to conquer planets and build the greatest empire known to man. Legions of Galactic Battleships await your command!

Welcome to Astronest, where you and you alone will determine the fate of humanity, as it struggles to restore planets, gather resources, and find a new home. But even as humanity faces its greatest challenge ever, it has been divided. Two factions, The Federation of Terra and the Alliance of Neos are locked in a seemingly endless conflict.

You will choose your side—will you fight for the Federation of Terra and the unification of all human kind, or for the Alliance of Neos and ultimate freedom from the Federation? Whichever you choose, you will need to manage your resources wisely as you build a spacefaring warfleet the likes of which has never been seen.

Heroes wander the galaxy, their loyalties torn asunder by the devastation of planet Earth, seeking strong leadership where their skills can shine. Hire them to manage your colonies, captain your fleets, and conquer planets as you fend off encroaching enemies.

Astronest is the ultimate space strategy game, allowing players to mix and match from a wide variety of battleships, weapons, and tech devices to build an unstoppable fleet. Each player must develop their own personal strategy to maintain dominance in their corner of the galaxy as they raise new buildings, collect new resources, and expand their fleet so that they can expand their borders.

Are you prepared to enter the ultimate battle for the survival of humanity? Are you the commander that will end the conflict and create an empire?

Are you ready to determine the destiny of mankind?

Your fleet awaits you.


Players can experience the Astronest narrative from two different perspectives: the Federation of Terra faction and the Alliance Neos faction
Create a unique fleet designed to execute your personal conquest strategy utilizing thousands of battleship types
Arm your fleet with ~100 unique weapons
Conduct research to allow your faction’s technological knowledge to evolve
Hire heroes: With 30 different professions and around twenty skills, there are thousands of unique combinations
Experience ten chapters and 100 stages of nail-biting, breathtaking conquest (Expansion coming soon!)
Witness your fleet face off against the enemy in animated battle sequences
Prove your worth as a commander against dozens of raid bosses

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Astronest user reviews :

The best Android game I have ever played. Features excellent artwork, a unique and sometimes unpredictable combat system, and highly customized upgrades — build the exact team you want. Great PvP matching … play agaist others without being tormented by bullies. A core group of mature and positive senior players on the chat eager to share advice and mentor newer ones. Discrete purchasing system allows you to either pay or play freely without crippling your progress. Well Done Developers!
  • AN Games Co., Ltd
  • Thank you for your support. We really appreciate your positive review! We will continue to do our best in providing you a great gaming experience with the game. If you have any suggestions that can help us improve the game, please contact us at

Its a good game. Fun. Playable. Simple. The one huge drawback for me is the AP. To me its a game killer & if i could id get rid of it. Also everything is linked to the AP, so whether upgrading your ships, planet, buildings…anything, it uses & depletes the AP’s. Without that annoying factor i could play for hours. But i guess it is what it is. A good game with an annoying flaw.

I LOVE THIS GAME! This game never crashes for me and it is very easy to keep on leveling and unlocking new things to do. I really like the auto battle feature because it allows me to do other things in life while I am gaining materials and loot from battle. I have no problems with this game so I give this game 5 stars.
  • AN Games Co., Ltd
  • That’s awesome! We would like to thank you for your positive support! If you have any suggestions that can help us improve the game, please contact us at
Very responsive support. Needs improvement: 1. Graphics 2. Link to social media Good: 1. Good events 2. Good strategy game that you really have to think and spend your resources wisely
  • AN Games Co., Ltd
  • Thanks for your positive review. We will continue to do our best in providing you a great gaming experience with the game! If you wish to discuss more details, please contact us at
More blatant fixing of game rewards. 3 times now I’ve had the completely pointless planets award (twice in a row,, RIGGED!!) an we’re Still waiting for you slackers to payout the rewards or compensate for the “Vs event” disaster you caused with the equally unnecessary and pointless server swap… Amateurs!!!
  • AN Games Co., Ltd
  • Thanks for your concern. We really appreciate your support. If you want to give us more detail to resolve this issue, you can connect to our developers and support team through this email:
Several years of playing with account linked to google play just to have it all vanish. Just a casual player but logged in within the last month, deeply disappointed. Uninstalling and never play again.
  • AN Games Co., Ltd
  • We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please send a detailed email to connect with our support team, they will help you on this matter:
“THIS IS A KEEPER!” I’ve played this for some time now, it is worth the money. I would and have recommended this to friends. And they like it too. – SMITTY
  • AN Games Co., Ltd
  • Thank you for your support. We really appreciate your positive review! We will continue to do our best in providing you a great gaming experience with the game. If you have any suggestions that can help us improve the game, please contact us at

Awsome! I love the great graphics!

LG G3 – long time GH vet Awesome!!! FINALLY!!!!

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