Atlantis Invaders – Defend humanity against swarms of alien monsters

[Game] Atlantis Invaders

Atlantis Invaders    You are Earth’s last hope!

Entrusted with the most advanced submarines, your mission is to defend humanity against swarms of alien monsters emerged from the oceans.

Shower the enemies with rains of bullets while dodging their vicious attacks with your masterful maneuvers. Recover treasured technology from the lost civilization of Atlantis to power up your fleet. Discover the terrifying truth that is kept in the depth of Earth’s ocean while enjoying the colorful sceneries of the seven seas.
Are you ready to test your reflexes and shooting skills on this dangerous, breathtaking, action-packed adventure?


Atlantis Invaders: Submarine Space Shooter is a new offline shooting game released in 2021 that combines classic action shoot ’em up gameplay with modern RPG and roguelike elements.

Made by the team that created many award-winning galaxy space shooters such as Sky Champ and SPACE SHOOTER; this offline shooting game will bring you countless hours of excitement with these features:

Awesome submarines with unique attacks like in no other galaxy shooter games
Hundreds of assault drones will help you in battles against the alien sea monsters
Familiar classic arcade space shooter gameplay with new twists
Interesting alien sea monsters and challenging mecha bosses in various hazardous environments.
No internet required: play this alien shooting game offline and online anytime you like

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Atlantis Invaders user reviews :

I really like the game. It’s a great time waster. What I don’t like a out the game, is the fact that you are forced to use one of the in game powerups to collect a box that can only be opened if you view an ad. This in and of itself is not that bad, what is bad is that if you purposely skip collecting said “powerups”, all subsequent powerups that are given are this ad. I get the desire to make money and to a certain extent shoving it in our face, but this is a bit much.
  • Spirit Bomb – Arcade Shooting Games
  • Hi David, thanks for your suggestion. We have fixed that in the latest version. Please update the game and you will not see that annoying thing anymore. Thanks

Game is fair. You actually have a chance to win and progress unlike the other costly star games I’ve played. good action excellent progress opportunities. A good choice for serious players.

I beat the game in less than a month, and its with an old bug they patched out today lmao. Well cant complain, got maxed ships and drones.

is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time need to give the shield stronger time limit

I love this game so far. it’s early days but it hasn’t got ridiculously hard yet.

Super Entertaining! Visuals are Excellent!! Action Packed!!

I love these games, they keep me strategising. I actually believe it helps me with my anxiety

Lots of fun and something u can play with out WiFi

Hey thanks I just found another Game to ADD to my COLLECTION. salute to you.

so far it’s fun just wish it had a automatic magnet to collect coins

For anybody having issues with their game, PLEASE read this. My game had a glitch and I was really bummed. I sent a not so nice email being upset and the developers STILL took the time to read my issues AND actually communicated with me to fix everything. They let me vent and voice my concerns to them, without getting rude or upset and they totally helped me. With any technology there’s always going to be issues, just be kind and patient with the developers and they will help you.

Hi..I tried to send a picture of the screen…I couldn’t…when I try to play…I upgrade equipment and everything…I hit play then everything on the screen disappears except the very top where it says fuel.coins.gems ..I’m able to go to achievements and play league from there but I can’t do map or trial
  • Spirit Bomb – Arcade Shooting Games
  • Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please send us a screenshot of the issue to ? More info on how you got the issue will help us a lot. We’ll try to fix it for you. Thanks

So far so good I didn’t know until I started playing this game that it’s basically the same as skychamp which is an awesome game I’m going to keep playing and see how it goes.SPIRITBOMB STUDIOS keep it up.

I really like this game but I got to level 17 then something happened so I had to rest and start all over again I hade all 4 ships now back to the beginning

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