Attack of the Dead – The fight for survival has just begun

[Game] Attack of the Dead

Attack of the Dead  The world’s never been the same since the zombie outbreak occurred.

Your average life turned into an endless fight for survival. But you became strong – So strong that the people around you call you “Lioness.” You managed to make a living as a soldier in a small community of survivors and your latest mission is to secure a supply of food. But things go south and the zombies attack! Just when you think you’re a goner, a mysterious figure wielding two knives takes out all of the zombies in front of you…


The man calls himself “Zero” and you somehow convince him to join your community. With a powerful new ally, you hope that things will change. But the fight for survival has just begun. Will you and your new squad be able to survive an onslaught of zombies? Are zombies even the most terrifying enemy you will have to face…?

Find out in Attack of the Dead!


This taciturn fighter is a member of your squad and an excellent marksman. He’s a man on a mission who wants to rid the world of every last zombie in existence. Will he ever open up his heart to you?

He’s your squad’s leader and a well-respected man within your community. He truly cares about all of his squad members and will always have your back. However, there are hints of a dark past that changed him forever.

This mysterious man is unparalleled in his knife-fighting skills and is a powerful new ally. He’s cold-hearted and borderline sadistic but you soon learn that he’s much more complicated than you ever expected…

Attack of the Dead user reviews :

Good story, considering the medium. My only complaint is that some of the most obvious answers (like the detective character chasing down a lead instead of just going home suddenly for no reason) are hidden behind rather steep costly premium choices. That wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s no way to earn the currency for it, meaning choices are, like, five bucks a pop and are very frequent, and just as frequently one of only two choices, leacing most of the storyline questions with less than two.

This and every of your other games are really amazing. There’s just one slight problem, earning gems to unlock premium choices through playing minigame is kind of annoying. And i expected this game to end better than in the ,’ mall of dead’ game, but it didn’t. I hope you make another game based on this story and let a peaceful life take over this horrible one with zombies. Also, there’s this ‘martin’ named person in the game which is exactly in the ‘university of dead’ game. Is this connected?

This game is addictive thats all i have to say i guess its so good nothing is bad about it i like how you can only play 2 stores at a time i makes the story line so much more fun go play bc you have to wait so the leave you on the best cliff hangers. I truly love this game i would play it again and again

it feels the throw back of mall of the dead i was so excited yet when i just play it just now i feel like i will get a cliffhanger again can you please make a Season 2 of this because in This story is like the remake one of the mall of the dead and i love to see this remake one to get a season 2 PLEASE GENIUS ! PLEASE! i also give 5 star because i love it !

I’m loving being able to see Zero again. And I/ love/ the connection between this, “Mall of the Dead”, and “University of the Dead”. I jokingly thought about what games would fit together before but this actually connects some and its awesome! So, in this series “University” is part 1, “Mall” happens just after as part 2, “Attack” is part 3 and happens not too long after part 2, and there will be a part 4 soon? Are there any others in this series that I’ll call the “Of the Dead” series?

I love it. I don’t know what there is not to love about it. I wish there was an easier way to get more gems and such, but it’s still an amazing story, amazing plot, the graphics are amazing. Altogether the entire thing is just all out amazing!

WOW! This was AWESOME! These kind of stories are the best. I do feel that there will be a season 2? I definitely dont mind cliffhangers as long as the story gets continued with the same characters. I need to know what happens to everyone….

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