AuroraBound – Easy for anyone to pick up and play

[Game] AuroraBound – Pattern Puzzles

AuroraBound  AuroraBound is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game, where you match puzzle blocks together to discover beautiful hidden patterns.

Can you solve them all?


Easy for anyone to pick up and play
1000s of unique puzzles to explore
A beautiful and serene visual style
Soothing, dynamic background music
Gradual difficulty curve for a satisfying experience
Hint system to help you out if you get stuck
Optimized for both tablets and phones
Translated into 16 languages

AuroraBound user reviews :

I love the graphics , the g meplay, all of it! The only thing I can think of that it needs is a zoom -in/out feature for us folks who don’t see so we’ll.

I love this game 5 stars You are getting 3 stars ONLY because I bought over 100 hints, then about 2 days later, I restarted my phone, and I opened the app to play and it was reset as well, despite googleplay connection.. I had to start from world one again, and those hints I bought were gone. I love this puzzle, I still have yet to find another puzzle game like this, and I’m obsessed lol.. but man, I really wish I didn’t have to start all over and lose those hints. (You guy have any other games?)

Update: Now in world 6X, ads popping up all the time, no ability to pay to disable ads. Worse, I bought a hint pack and I still have ads!! Just awful. Great game, progressively more difficult puzzles. Loses one star due to one infuriating gameplay mechanic: automated tile swap. Can’t disable it. Intrusive, wrong 99.99% of the time, interrupts flow, just ghastly.

Great game, really enjoying it… I am giving you 3 stars because I cannot get any free hints… option is grayed out

Nice colour/pattern-matching puzzle game. Simple mechanics but not easy! Hints are quite hard to collect, but it rewards patience. Ads are optional – watch if you want more hints. Downside: puzzle pieces sometimes shift when you are trying to move other pieces, also the colours can be hard to make out n a small mobile. But it is not impossible. I am enjoying it – have reached world 30 so far.

Fun and addictive. A little small for fat fingers and older eyes. What really bugs me are the hints. Due to the complicated nature of the games you have to use some hints. Have to buy hints at an absorbent rate. But what really gets me is the limits on when I can use the hints even after reset I couldn’t use the hints. If I’m paying that much for hints I ought to be able to use them when I want. Now I’m locked out of using hints at my present level and can’t advance. Can you unlock the hints?

Overall this puzzle game feels a lot more easy on the eye than other puzzlers that have over-the-top effects and sounds. There’s no need for that sort of thing here. This game is more subdued and definitely appeals to those looking for a calmer puzzle game that will keep you busy for a long time. The sounds are suitably low key too. Can’t fault it really Cheers!

A unique concept – colors, shapes, movement – all controlled by the user, and NOT TIMED! ! ! (a good thing) UPDATE: The puzzles get harder as you progress thru the Worlds. So much so that using a hint or 2 is unavoidable. Hence the problem–hints cost money, lots of money. Unless there is another way to earn hints, I’m thru with this game.

This is a really fun game where you have to recognize patterns, match, rotate and visualize. I deeply appreciate the aesthetics and geometry of the puzzles and the way each world unlocks more visually complex patterns. The only downside and a minor one at that is that it feels like placing a tile over another one that’s already placed there by you bugs up the ui a little bit. Other than that i highly recommend this game!

It is fun, but there is no explanation on how things work, like if I don’t use the hints do they build up, or just go away, and can I back up if the puzzle moves to the next one before I solve it. Revision: i found the lightbulb, my phone has a curve, I just couldn’t see it and it does go faster then I realize I solved the puzzle. All in all it is fun.i really enjoy it.
  • Final Game Studio
  • Hi. Any hints you don’t use do build up – they never go away. Puzzles only close automatically once you solve them. If you get stuck on a standard puzzle, you can often go back one level and try another puzzle first, but you will eventually have to solve the puzzle you got stuck on to progress to the next world. I hope that helps.

I would give 5 stars, because it’s a lovely game, but the hints are so rare! I use them only when really stuck, and need to be able to tap on the square I want placed, not just some random one. Otherwise they are really not much help. Apart from that ( but it is a biggie for me ) the game is delightful.

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