Awesome Tanks – Battle infinite tanks and set new records

[Game] Awesome Tanks

Awesome Tanks  Classic top-down 2d tank shooter is finally available on the Google Play with all-new graphics, physics engine, smooth and responsive dual thumb controls.

Prepare to unleash a war! Smash enemy tanks, destroy bosses, find secret rooms full of bonuses.

Create your own levels in Level Editor and share them with the world.

Collect coins to upgrade your tank’s stats, purchase and improve weapons.

Earn multiple achievements.

Battle infinite tanks and set new records in Survival mode, play procedurally generated Arena levels.

New tactical gameplay mechanic – sneak up on your enemies from behind, hide in bushes.

Good luck and have fun!

Awesome Tanks user reviews :

I’ve played this game before, completed level 75 and my progress is gone, but I don’t mind starting over. It’s really fun and I enjoyed this game from its first form. It’s one of the best games that actually had working mechanics without lag. I know I’m just 1 person, but I love the game!

This game is the best!There’s so much to do!you can create your own levels to continue the game,when beat you level 90!I would like new weapons like:flamethrower.I would like a gun like plasma gun, it will shoot 3-5 plasma balls that do good damage, I won’t know how it looks like tho.I lost my items I the editor for no reason.

Honestly the new update was not really what I intended cause in the level editor the button to delete everything you put in the level Has literally stopped working. The thing that got me confused was the MULTIPLAYER BETA. I mean how am I suppose to create a game if people don’t even know what the code is. Long story short I think the MULTIPLAYER BETA is not really good in my opinion. They should have at least put public lobbies or something like that.

This game is amazing and there’s so much you can do! I have one problem and it’s that sometimes in the levels above 75 have secret rooms with coins spawn behind unbreakable concrete walls, although overall I really like the game and concept.

Huge waste of data, the only way you can accumulate enough points is to watch ads, I live in a fringe area and have very poor reception. They show the same ad 5 times in a row and it has to download the whole 30 second ad each time, rarely makes the whole download. Without watching the ads you ain’t gonna get anywhere.

Perfect app ,it deserves five stars ,,soo far this is the only game i have ever played for soo long without being bored or unistalling it, I recomend it to u Developer

Awesome tanks is my game to play yo im the awesome tanks master and the good and only news is that they brought back the RICOCHET FROM AWESOME TANKS 2 but the other news is that they replaced the flamethrower tank with the blaster and its really cool

I used to love it but now I kinda hate was normal at first but then one tanky day I just finished my level and was about to upload it then suddenly an ad pops up without a close button.i couldn’t close it so I closed and opened the game and then this happened.all of my level editor items are gone.i was back to the start in the level editor as if I didn’t edit a level ever in my I did a campaign level and then every thing was back to normal.but then the same thing happened again.sad
  • EmitterCritter games
  • Hello! Sorry about that, this is fixed in the last update. Please update the game!

This is a very fun game where you destroy other tanks. Very fun! You should download now!

This game? Pretty good if i do say so. However, i am still waiting for the second game to come out. I would rather have the second one with all the updated features and graphics.

Good game but plss add more levels and plss add pvp gamemode i love the game

It is the best game I love it but on map development add a delet button

It has a long campaign mode with 90 levels (and a bit of grinding) it has survival which is just last as long as you can, arena a randomly generated level (the grinding mode) and online levels made by other people and you can also create a level in the level editor which gets unlocked as you play the game. Multiplayer feels like a completely different game and it’s really balanced and skill based but a bit glitchy at the moment. The game doesn’t have a lot of ads surprisingly. bye -Manatster

This game is very fun, I love how they added sight to the enemies. That maked you able to sneak up on them without being harmed. Very well made, good game if you want time to fly by. My favorite thing about the game, is that if you die at the end you get to see the enemies react with a Smile Emoticon, what a funny addition.

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