Aztec Returns – Eliminate identical pairs of tokens or blocks

[Game] Aztec Returns

Aztec Returns  Aztec Returns is exactly like Shisen-sho games, but with spectacular graphics based on the ancient Aztec culture.

In many places, it is also called “four rivers”. The game is based on Japanese tiles, similar to Mahjong tokens, only this time the tokens have been replaced by spectacular Aztec hieroglyphics tiles. The goal is to eliminate identical pairs of tokens or blocks, until every board is empty, like Mahjong games.

The rules are simple. As already mentioned, in this millenary ancient game of solitaire only two matching tiles can be removed at a time. They are only removed if it is possible to connect up to three horizontal or vertical lines, a U-shape, I-shape, L-shape or Z-shape, provided that the lines do not run into another piece or block and only crosses open spaces. If you do not have any more moves or all the tiles are removed from the board, the game ends, or you go to the next mahjongg board.

The relaxing music will make you feel as though you are inside of one of the puzzles for free game, to go through all levels with maximum concentration.

This Shisen-sho has the playability of any Mahjong, Shanghai or any Chinese puzzle blocks game, in addition to many levels; and all this for free.

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Aztec Returns user reviews :

Really enjoying this game, every level is a different difficulty some are easy some are hard and require a few goes but the challenge is good,although sometimes a hint button would be good,it’s a good game though that I would recommend

I have played all levels of this game 3 times. I can’t get enough. I would love to have a new game. There’s 3 that have I have played over and over. Please make another one!!!

I liked the game until I got to level 22. When I hit the solve button because I got stuck the game wanted to pay a fee ,to see how to solve the puzzle.

No undo button to correct mistakes or solve button after you’ve been stuck forever. Otherwise a great game

Some levels can be difficult but I just absolutely loved this game!!!

love this game at first i thought too easy but after awhile its challenging . Thx

I play this game, I restart, I play again and again, I never tired. It’s so addicted

Very interesting levels ,where is the Mayan Secret 3, hoping and waiting for it thank you

I love this game please make more please thank you Cindy

Love the game makes you think. Need more like it

Thinking game , obsessive compulsion

I like playing. The problem is that I’ve now run into 2 levels that can’t be beat. The first one was resolved by updating. I’m now stuck on level 71. There are 4 olive green files that have 2 bird heads. 3 of these are on the right side and one is at the top. There is no way to get from the 3 to the 1. Aggravating.

Grupoalamar games are the most challenging games I know. Aztec secrets has me stuck at level 100, so I am changing to Aztec return, which I hope is as challenging. Great games, rate 5

This is a little bit more cleaned up when I played an older version. I think some colors are too same, so if you are playing this on a small Android phone, get out your glasses. The best part of the game is you just get as many chances needed for you to move to the next puzzle. I love it.

Love variations of the tiles and the level of difficulty. It makes you think outside of the box and very challenging. Make more.

Fantastic game ! Need more like it. I’ve already played the others out, evening replaying several of them. Please create more soon

Great game, you really have to think ahead, almost like chess.

This is a different kinda of twist from their regular match games. Love the birds natural calling in background and Aztec scenery. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
  • GrupoAlamar
  • Thank you Gail

I love all of Grupo Alamar games! I really enjoy the challenge.

I like the Aztecs games very much, because it develops our mental analysis,I am waiting to launch new games please

I love this game I wish their was more games like this one
  • GrupoAlamar
  • Thanks Rosie

Very Addicting. Easy game to play. You can plan the moves.

Lots of fun! Very relaxing after a hard day!

I like the game. It deserves a 4 to5-star but I can only give it a 3-star for several reasons: (1) The Update that was just installed completely RESET the entire game, clearing the 80 levels I worked hard to complete; (2) Within the levels there needs to be an Undo button so you don’t have to restart the entire level if you accidentally hit the wrong tile; and (3), it would be helpful if there were a Level Selection option and an optional Timer, to allow players the option to replay a level and/or try to beat their previous completion times.

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