Baby Balloons pop – Designed for babies and kids at an early age

[Game] Baby Balloons pop

Baby Balloons pop  Educational and fun game with balloons and bubbles for babies.

With this entertaining game, children can learn numbers, letters, animals, colors and shapes in different languages, while popping balloons.


Children can choose the balloons they like the most among several categories:


At the beginning of the game our little bear will appear to explain which balloon they will have to find. In this way, children will learn the sound of the letters from A to Z, the main colors, animals, shapes such as the circle or square and the numbers from 0 to 9.
In the same way, they will learn to associate the word sounds with the images presented in the game. A great game to learn vocabulary in different languages!


Game designed for babies and kids at an early age
Fun and educational
Available in several languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and French
Help in the psychomotor development and language development
Balloons with different shapes
Fun designs and animations
Completely free game
Soft and relaxing sounds that help kids maintain concentration.


Thank you very much for learning with our games. Edujoy has more than 70 games aimed at children of all ages; from preschool to the oldest. We love creating educational and fun games for you and your children. If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to send us your feedback or leave a comment.

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Baby Balloons pop user reviews :

I’m giving this a 4 because of the ads. Strategically placing ads where little fingers will definitely open them is both smart and low down dirty. Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should. However I do agree with ads in a game like this in general and anyone leaving a bad review should learn to code, spend hours and hours making something then give it away for free. See how you like people stealing your work. The star I took away is for the placement. Maybe force the ads in-between sessions.

I hate all the ads and how you have to pay just to make it ad free. Anything to make a buck and off of a child’s game no less. So lame. Also, it’d be nice to have a lock option so my son CAN’T access anything else or send people texts or call random people.

Is this for me or my Grandson? We are having a ball. Eye & hand coordination. Learn shapes, colors, numbers, abc’s & others. Learn to follow directions & understanding clearly told directions with a nice sounding voice. Calms the child. There is a hand a child can follow to show visually what to do. They can follow the hand to produce results. MEMORY emphasized! To Grandma, NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EDUCATION. But, (always a ‘but’ ) this is day 1.System problems, not yet.HIGHLY RECOMMED

Our little one loves this aap so much rather than watching YouTube now she wants to pop balloons. And she is not only playing but also learning and memorising numbers , ABC, colours so we are happy .

Great games just needs a lock on screen that I can control. That way when he is ready to navigate the app I can remove the lock so my son would not hit the home button

My toddler loves classic mode. Pay for no ads or turn off data. Some people just aren’t above the IQ required for this game.

Helped calm fussy baby niece on the car ride home. Nothing complicated about it, just tap and something fun happens. Perfect for a one year old.

The only issue is the home button is in a tantalizing position. Otherwise it is wonderful!

Good game for special needs child! But, would be nice to have a way to lock the screen. Take the Home icon off the screen.

A great educational game for older babies/younger toddlers!

The ads are poorly placed. Its a baby game so babies will always click the ad.

I’m letting my baby play this game. But an ad will pop up and he pushes the ad and now he’s not playing the game anymore. I’m going to have to delete this until he get older maybe.

Son loves it and i like that it’s educational and multi lingual really learns alot

My two year old LOVED it to say the least. She caught on right away and is learning fast. I highly recommend this app. I wish I could give ten stars.

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