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BackitudeBackitude : Control Google Latitude with gps accuracy & battery efficiency at your own rate

Backitude provides gps and network location updates for your Google Latitude and Google Location History accounts seamlessly in the background of your Android 2.2+ device! The application integrates with Google Latitude and expands your updating and accuracy options, and allows you and your friends to force updates on eachother when an up-to-date current location is really needed.

Configure Backitude to update your location at a specific time interval and keep your location as accurate as possible using GPS satellites, WIFI location detection, and Cell Tower signal triangulation*. (All while running in the background of your device, even in sleep mode if desired)

Why is it needed? Android-devices running Latitude on their own will not use the GPS to update locations when running in the
background. This results in a horribly inaccurate and useless location value. Also, Latitude may not update as frequently as you might desire. Backitude addresses these issues and more while keeping battery efficiency as a top priority.

Why are these permissions needed? Backitude uses contact lookup and SMS to allow users to force updates on other Backitude users, if desired. Users can enable the feature to allow their friends to update their location when needed, allowing you to run update intervals more conservatively and save battery power!

Users are urged to set their Latitude app location reporting setting to the “set your location” option and simply run Backitude instead, saving battery power by shutting off Latitude location services. Let Backitude act as your Latitude updater and perform all polling and updates at your specification.

*Location detection is dependent on available resources for the device and the user’s allowance of such detection in the System Location & Security Settings.

Backitude can now act as your location history tracker, even when abroad or out of service with its newest feature: Offline location storage & sync. Enable offline storage and choose which sync option works best for you, or disable offline storage and prevent unnecessary location polling when there is no network service, thus saving battery power once again.

Additional Features:

-Runs as a background service without ever having to bother the user
-Starts up immediately on reboot if the application is enabled prior to reboot.
-Fine grained configuration settings for time intervals, polling timeout values, accuracy settings, and more!
-Timeout value preserves battery when a GPS signal cannot be acquired and a location cannot be found
-Re-Sync timer: interval to send last detected location to Google Latitude in addition to the normal updates. Keep Latitude location fresh without the need to poll frequently (saving battery power) or Re-sync to override minimum distance requirements.
-Docked-Mode timer is an optional feature to detect when your device is “docked” (charging/charged). If plugged in, the application will automatically start using the Docked-Mode time interval. When the device is unplugged, it automatically reverts back to the Standard time-interval. Feature also has its own timeout value.
-Utilizes a concept of “stealing” locations to conserve battery-power. When another application (such as Google Navigation, Google Maps, or even a web browser) is running and already detecting your location, Backitude will “steal” this value and use it to update your Google Latitude, if it is accurate enough. By using this value, it resets your time interval and prevents the location detection service from having to waste battery life on unnecessary location polling that is already occurring.
-Minimum distance and accuracy requirements and filters.

Support: Please email for any feature requests, issues, or comments. Thanks.

Backitude user reviews:

Used this for what seems like years. Enables more accurate updates now latitude in manual mode and backitude put in control. Developer keeps improving app. Only wish auto checkins would still work, otherwise 5 stars.

Latitude wasn’t updating regularly or behaving as it should have, this keeps my position up to date as I’d expect, works well.

Does what it says, and does it well. A bit hard to configure.

If you use Latitude (despite the problems with the 6.8.1 update ;-)), you *need* this app! Please support the developer for a GREAT app.

Google should include most (if not all) of these features as standard configurable options. It helps cut down on battery use a lot!

Love the control of and visibility into the way your phone updates latitude. Also, I’m a huge fan of the developer’s responsiveness on the app’s Xda forum.

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