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Backlog  Backlog is a project management and collaboration tool for teams that want higher productivity, greater visibility, and simple project tracking.

Development teams can work together with Design, Marketing, IT, and more to release high-quality projects, faster.

With the Backlog Android App, you can update your projects on-the-go. Leave immediate feedback on comment threads and add or edit issues right from your device.

Reach your business goals with features that help you:

Get everyone on track. Organize your work and teammates with projects and tasks.
Stay in the loop. Your Activity feed and Watchlist help you keep an eye on relevant work and deadlines.
Keep the conversation moving. Use comment threads to leave feedback and ask questions right in tasks as you’re working on them.

Mobile features:

Projects: Organize everyone’s work into projects for better visibility and tracking
Issues: Create, assign, prioritize, and schedule tasks with your team
Subtasking: Keep related tasks grouped to stay more organized
Watchlist: Add important tasks to your personalized Watchlist
Comment threads: Keep a record of all discussions, changes, and decisions within tasks as they’re being worked on
Wikis: Create collaboratively edited web pages to refer to again and again for common questions and instructions
Bug Tracking: Easy issue and bug tracking to keep your projects running smoothly

Do even more on desktop with:
Gantt Charts: Automatically generated and updated Gantt charts help you track work as it’s being completed against your project plan
Burndown Charts: Easily visualize how your project is progressing without having read every issue
Version control: No installation required, Backlog provides Git and Subversion repositories as well as a Web-based repository browser
File sharing: Store important docs and files right in the task or project you need them

Backlog user reviews :

1. It doesn’t remember my credentials and this is very annoying. 2. Program hasn’t explanations what is difference between spaces, organizations, teams, projects … quite a mess. 3. Website uses too many scripts and if something blocks it, the functionality is troubled.

this is my favorite app for managing my life and business lol .. whenever i have an idea i put it somewhere in backlog whether that be in a wiki because i think its a fundamental resource to have readily available or just tacking on resources/ideas to other projects and communicating and coloborating

No orientation change supported. Images in the issues are not rendered as it happens with the web app. The code format doesn’t work. The web app is amazing. The android app really sucks!

The app work’s well. It needs a bit of improvement in the GUI rendering but it works

Crashes every time something useful happens. Fix. It.
  • Nulab Inc
  • Hi Gerben, thank you for your feedback. We are really sorry for the unpleasant experience. Could you please try the latest version 2.10? And please let us know if you still have trouble with the app.

I love the app, it helps me and my team work on my website, just one question. Does your team use Backlog while working on Backlog?

I am unable to see git information other then it is very helpful for see my project activity

App fails to launch with space not exist error.
  • Nulab Inc.
  • Hi Sudarshan, thank you for your feedback. Could you please write more about the issue you’re experiencing, including information about which software you’re accessing the app on, in our UserVoice forum?
can’t use, always spacenot found
  • Nulab Inc.
  • Hello. We are really sorry for the unpleasant experience. 
We have uploaded the new version (2.0.3) with the fix. 
Could you please try the latest version? Thank you. Backlog Support.

Such an easy and effective online project management tool

Would have got one more star if I could order the whole backlog by priority rank. It also lost out on a star because I can not edit an issues milestone in the app. I have to load up the web client. Fix these issues and I will re rate!

This app is very usefull for me. Tks

Can’t view excel file, posted time of comment can’t view too.
  • Nulab Inc.
  • Hi Vo, thanks for your feedback. We’ve just released the latest version of Backlog (2.2.2) that includes this fix. We hope that you’ll try the latest version once it’s available within your region!

Latest Update :

Various bug fixes and improvements
Fixed large image markdown link in issue comment not loaded

Contact developer :


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