Balloon Pop – Lets your baby enjoy colorful balloon

[Game] Balloon Pop – Toddler Games for preschool kids

Balloon Pop  Free Baby Balloon Pop Games! Equally enjoyed by boys and girls!

5 Different baby learning games to learn English Colors, A-Z alphabet, 0-9 Numbers, Shapes and Animal Names. Balloon pop – lets your baby enjoy colorful balloon games and learn new letters, numbers and objects without even noticing that (s)he’s learning.

Pop balloons even offline!
Each balloon has special shape or contains object!
Popping balloon plays english word for the containing object or plays special, joyful animation, which kids totally love!

Perfect to occupy your toddler’s time with something that’s fun and beneficial at the same time.
Intuitive interface and simple gameplay, lets your kid to interact with app independently, without constant supervision of grownups.

Completely Safe to let your children play on their own!
Free Baby Games!
No Ads!
Safety of quality Parental Controls.

(Hear the name spoken out loud for each object)
There are 5 balloon pop baby games, to practice and learn:

ABC Game- English Alphabet Letters
Numbers Game (0-9) – Visuals and phonics
Colors Learning game – pop balloons of various colors and hear it spoken out loud
Shapes Learning game – balloons with squares, triangle, circles etc.
Animal Names – Pop balloons and set free your favorite animals, hear their names spoken out loud too

All the learning words have their phonics and visual effects, which play after every balloon game.
Toddlers have lots of fun playing these learning games, it’s favorite app not only for little boys and girls, but for parents too – playing Balloon pop has stress relieving effect!
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Please review & rate your feedback will only make our baby games better!
Have fun and enjoy your time with your kids and family!

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Balloon Pop user reviews :

Good App for young children. Very repetitive but it’s great for my daughter that has a disability and cortical vision impairment. It has bold colours, the images stand out and she sees it easily as the screen moves fairly slowly. I don’t like however that they relocked some features that were unlocked previously in order to get people to pay or write a review, it’s underhanded. Overall I do like this app and would recommend to friends, loss of a star for the relocking of features, that’s sneaky

I bought this game awhile ago. It since updated now twice. The second time it updated it wanted me to pay AGAIN to get the learning balloons. Now I have less options from when I first downloaded the game. Dont buy it. Not worth it. I never purchase games. But this one I did so I could have entertainment for my daughter. What a waste of money.
  • Bebi Family: preschool learning games for kids
  • Please consider reinstalling the app on your device, if games are not unlocked on the first open, try to press on buy button to initiate google purchase system, but don’t complete the purchase, it might unlock games after that.
This was a fantastic app and there was an option to get it all if you left a review which i did (4 stars) otherwise pay £4.99 or wait till they unlocked after a few days This has now been updated meaning you only get the ABC for free and have to pay £2.69 to unlock them all . Unfortunately i had to do this as LO couldnt understand why he couldnt acess the rest Edit : poor response from developer and lack of appreciation for paying for the content
  • Bebi Family: preschool learning games for kids
  • Dear Katrina, As you should have already noticed, we don’t serve advertisements in our games, so the only source of our revenue are those paid games, which small portion of our users pay for and which makes it possible to provide lots of free games to all of our users.
Game is really good for toddlers. Screens are really colourful and is good when telling children what things are. When I first set this up all options and games were available. It has since been changed to lock all screens unless you start paying. It’s a shame the developers/owners did this as it will now lose customers.
  • Bebi Family: preschool learning games for kids
  • We understand your frustration about the new policy of the free content appearance. Since we do not serve ads in our apps, we can’t provide the entire game for free. It’s a common practice to provide users with a free trial to experience the app and decide if they want to continue using the full (paid) version

I love this game for my son. It’s one of the only games I can get him to play and learn at the same time. I like the fact that he gets to learn how to match by shapes, colors, and size. He also gets to learn about different animals and things. Played it by his cousins recently, and they also fell in love with the game. I’m just super happy I found this game. I love it, and my son loves it. He plays it everyday.

My daughter is 2.5yrs old with severe autism and she LOVES this game. Its one of the very few games she will play and focus on. She won’t play any other balloon pop game. And i love how it has the little puzzles for her to solve. Great game id give it 10 stars if i could!

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