Balls Bricks Breaker – Bounce and break the bricks

[Game] Balls Bricks Breaker

Balls Bricks Breaker  Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ball to the brick and break all the bricks easily!

Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit, bounce and break the bricks.
Think strategically and make the most of the power up.
Beat your highscore and compare it to your friends.
Catch split and bouncing items make balls more effective.

Balls Bricks Breaker user reviews :

The advertisements kick me out of the game and lock up the phone so the game is not worth my time

Something has changed!!! Now, randomly, the balls start BEFORE you get a chance to actually aim. They just start shooting BEFORE you take your finger off the screen. You just don’t know when you’re going to be sabotaged!!!!!!

Honestly it is what it is, in a good way, my endless is reaching 1200 count right now and a single launch takes minutes, hoping for a better speed boost and more optimized experience when doing so

I think a lot of these reviews are wrong, because I dont find any flaws in this game, it must be their device they play on. Theres not many ads, no wifi, saves at every new progress point, every second on the same device. The only reason why I dont give it 5 stars is because it gets a bit boring, theres some new challenges, however it is always the same thing. They never change it up to something more interesting.

It’s what it says it is. Endless mode is quite a bit more interesting than the Level mode (got as far as 33, maybe it gets better later)

I have really liked this game for a long time, but now on level 470 and it simply crashes as soon as I get close to breaking the level. Have always hated the very loud music on the adverts, and yes you can turn it off, but only if you can find the sound icon, which is in a different place each time, and often doesn’t work. I note there was a December 2020 update, I can only assume that this was not beta tested and therefore I am stuffed now and cannot progress, Little point in keeping the game.

To everyone that complains about ads just turn off wifi while playing it’s a simple problem with a simple solution if you can’t do that then it’s your problem but if you can then glad I (maybe not just me but it doesn’t matter) helped

Great progress, Level 3023 Checkpoint, 723 on Levels Mode and pretty happy with it. I get a new phone and realise I’ve lost all the progress. Not happy at all.

It’s good for when you’re bored but play it without sound on (unless you want a song stuck on your head permanently)

Hi. Can you update this game. I played levels mode the most. I think its not fair if you succeed break all the number and still have to finish all the remaining turn. My suggestions is if you can break all the number its done. You won. Thx. I will edit the star if you make it thx.

There’s now music that plays even when the regular music has turned off and it is SO obnoxious.

Had a lot of fun with this game. After you get 2 thousand balls though, it is really time to quit.

The option of turning the repeatative music off doesn’t work! It turns off until the next time you shoot a ball, then it turns right back on. Uninstalled!

While fun, the lack of being able to save progress so I can transfer to another device is incredibly frustrating. When you hit level 3000+ and then have to start over due to getting a new phone, that seems like a large flaw. My second issue is how much more battery consuming this game is from other, more intense, games. Considering I launch the ball and wait a couple minutes or more with my current level, one would think it wouldn’t be so hard on battery.

It’s a fun game up until level 400 or higher, then it becomes a pain waiting for balls to finish their thing. I made it to level 1000 just to see if there was unlock feature, but no joy. The ads didn’t bother me, they was only frequent on the game where you can unlock stars which help with progress but are optional. Or the ad was there to watch if you didn’t want to reset to last check point. So I felt that was a Fair trade off. Overall, fun game for first hour or two. Then become a chore.

A very simple brick blaster game to pass the time. The lack of advertising makes this game the most enjoyable, though gaining stars isnt the easiest, the power ups are cheap – I havent had to use any in the 100 levels that I played. Overall a decent little game. Gameplay: Simple 7/10 Graphics: 2d brick blaster: 8/10 Levels: endless 6/10 Playability: simple, easy to learn 9/10 Controls: 5/10 – could use some work. I see a lot of potential for this game. Overall rating: 4/5

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